Zentangle Pumpkins

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I’m always looking for ways to decorate pumpkins that are easy, different and fun.  Here’s a simple and great way to decorate a pumpkin that involves very few supplies and you make Zentangles.  Zentangles are designs made with a structured pattern.

Here’s what you need:

  • Permanent Black Marker (Ultra Fine Point)
  • White Pumpkin But Any Color Will Work

SImple things

Just begin by drawing your Zentangle pattern with your Ultra fine point permanent marker on your pumpkin. You’re done when it looks complete!  I used a small real white pumpkin that I got at a local farmer’s market, but if you want to save your Zentangle pumpkin design for next year, you will want to use the foam ones. HINT: Because I used a “real” pumpkin, the tip of my marker would get coated in a waxy like substance from the pumpkin skin, so I used a scrap piece of paper to scribble on to unclog the marker tip and get it flowing again.

Zentangle top

If you are not sure what a Zentangle is, you can learn more about WHAT they are and HOW to create them here…


I hope you give this a try and find it to be a relaxing and creative outlet, I know I do!


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  1. says

    Nice to see a different take on a pumpkin this season! Zentangles, is that what this is called I’ve always just referred to it as doodling? I’ve never heard of this term before, well then I guess I’ve been a zengtangler since I was a kid! gosh I love that word! Very cool pumpkin nevertheless I love it, very unique

  2. says

    This is so neat! Zentangles are drawing me in with their endless design possibilities. Must resist because I don’t have enough time to finish the projects I’ve already got going. LOVE your pumpkin design. Maybe I can do just one? Well done!

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