Wire Wrapped Heart Bracelet

I like working with wire and creating my own shapes.  I came up with this wire wrapped heart bracelet for Valentine’s Day that has a beaded heart and a great self adjusting macrame bracelet.

Here’s what you will need:

  • 18″ Gauge Wire for the Heart Shape (You can get this at Michael’s)
  • 36″ Gauge Wire for  Wire Wrapping
  • Small Czech Glass Beads in Various Shades of Red 2mm or 3mm or Any Type of Small Beads (You can find some at here at Fire Mountain Gems, Michael’s, or JoAnn’s.)
  • .5mm Chinese Knot Thread for the Macrame Bracelet Found Here
  • Wire Cutters

Start by cutting roughly a 4″ piece of the 18″ gauge wire.

Bend the wire in the middle ever so slightly.  Bend this a little at a time so you don’t create a funny shaped heart.

Bend the ends down with your hands so the pieces overlap at the bottom.  Cut with your wire cutters.

Take the 36″ gauge wire and cut a long piece about 12″ or so.  This doesn’t have to be exact.

Wire wrap the bottom several times to secure the heart in place.  Make sure your end has been worked into your wire wrapping so it is not exposed.

After the bottom is secure, wrap some of the areas of the heart.  To keep the wire taught, wrap around the frame of the heart once or twice and then continue to wrap and weave your wire throughout your heart shape.  Make sure to think about the spacing of your beads and your color choices as you are wrapping.  Don’t let this be an after thought.  Once you think you have enough beads and they are spaced evenly, cut the wire and work this end in the last couple of wraps.

Now for the macrame part of the bracelet.  I found this great tutorial on Honestly WTF.

There you have it a great Valentine’s Day bracelet.  However, I liked how this turned out so much I’m going to wear it all of the time.

If you like this tutorial, you may also like my wire cuff tutorial here.  Have fun creating your own wire wrapped heart bracelet.

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  1. Anca says

    Hey, I like very much your ideas and i wonder if you can help me with something the red bracelet did you made it ? I knew how to made one but I forgot and I looked for it but…nothing can you help me please ?

  2. says

    This is really cute and the possibilities are endless! It can be made in different sizes as a component. You are right it is not just for Valentine’s Day! I can’t wait to try this out. Thank you for the inspiration and the great pattern.


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