What’s New In The Classroom?

I just had to share these projects with you.  My students are currently wrapping up a project on tiki masks.  We were able to collect 37 palm fronds for my 7th and 8th grade Advanced Art class to make this wonderful project.  It took a lot of time to collect them, but it was truly worth it.  Here’s a look at just a handful of the masks and what a great job my students did.


tiki mask5



tiki mask2


3.)tiki mask7

4.)tiki mask3

5.)tiki mask66.)

tiki mask4



tiki mask1

 Hope you enjoyed these masks projects!  I just love how they are all different and so unique.  I saved an extra palm frond for myself because the student’s inspired me so much that I wanted to make my own.  Hopefully, I will get a chance to work on mine soon.

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