Watercolor Mini Hoop Art

This was a project I originally created for Darice.  I  love using watercolors and all of the endless color possibilities you get with them. Here’s a simple tutorial to create beautiful, abstract, home decor in a matter of minutes, and you’ll never believe what I used. Would you believe me if I told you it’s a basic white tea towel that you can pick up at your local home store? Let’s get started and see how easy it is for YOU to create and to customize this embroidery hoop art to match your home decor needs.

Watercolor-Mini-Hoop-Art-Artzy Creations 3


Watercolor-Mini-Hoop-Art-Artzy Creations


Step 1:  Wet the paint brush.  Wet the tea towel with the paint brush.  Put down a color then apply additional colors. Start with your lightest color first and work up to darker colors.  Go back and layer on more color if necessary.  The colors will bleed together, and remember there is no right or wrong, just use the colors that you like. Keep in mind that some colors will blend better naturally then others to give the gradient appearance.

Step 2: Create at least three abstract watercolor paintings on the tea towel.  Since the finished pieces of artwork are small, you’ll want to make a few in order to create a visual statement. Plus they’re fun and easy so experiment and create more, then choose your three favorites. Just make sure the paintings are larger than the embroidery hoop.  Let them dry.

Watercolor-Mini-Hoop-Art-Artzy Creations 4


Step 3:  Next, paint the outer face of the embroidery hoop.  Make sure to also paint the outside rim because that will show once you are all finished. Let the paint dry.

Watercolor-Mini-Hoop-Art-Artzy Creations 6


Step 4: Cut your designs out, making sure to leave a little extra on the sides. Double the fabric up with a plain white piece on the back side because the fabric is pretty thin. Center the fabric on the center hoop, slide it into the larger hoop and tighten the screw. Repeat for the other embroidery hoop art pieces.

Step 5:  Trim the excess off of your watercolor designs. Use scissors and cut as close to the back side of the hoops as possible.

Watercolor-Mini-Hoop-Art-Artzy Creations 7


There you have it.  A simple, fun and creative way to produce your own abstract home decor.

Watercolor-Mini-Hoop-Art-Artzy Creations 9

Enjoy making your watercolor mini embroidery hoop art!

Watercolor-Mini-Hoop-Art-Artzy Creations 8


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