Tissue Paper Easter Egg

If your looking for fun and simple Easter project that keeps those little hands busy, this one’s for you.

Tissue paper is inexpensive, colorful and can be used for many different projects.  This project is great for children in grades K-6.  Keep in mind for children in kindergarten and first grade, you should adapt the project by making the egg a little smaller due to  shorter attention spans.

This is what you will need:

  • Poster Board in white (Heavy weight paper.  Bristol board or tag paper will work also.)
  • Colored Tissue Paper (The Dollar Store sells a multi colored pack in pastel colors.)
  • Glue (tacky dries quickly)
  • Scissors
  • Containers (I used a total of five.  Four containers for each of the different colored tissue papers and one for the glue.)
  • Pencil

Lightly draw the shape of an egg onto the poster board for your child.  Older children who are doing this project can probably draw the egg shape themselves.

This egg is roughly 10-1/2 to 11″.

Cut out the egg shape.

Have your child draw and Easter egg design onto the egg cutout as a guide or framework for attaching the different colors of tissue paper. I recommend lightly sketching a design or concept before hand (rather than just going at it), because it helps develop visualization skills.

Cut tissue paper squares roughly 1″ x1″.  Separate the different colors into containers.

Have you child take a piece of the tissue paper square and place the pencil (eraser side down) in the center of it.  Gently give the tissue paper a little twist.  Holding the tissue paper onto the end of the pencil, lightly dip it into the glue.  Still holding the tissue paper onto the pencil place it on the egg shape, and release.

Keep filling in the areas of the egg with tissue paper until the egg cutout has been covered completely.

This egg project kept my daughter occupied for about 2 hours (one hour for two afternoons). This was great project for my little busy body and she loved it!

Have fun with this project and Happy Easter!

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  1. says

    love this so very cute and brings back the memories from grade school i am going ot do a tissue paper something , you have sparked my want to be retro in my crafting


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