The French Knot

Here’s is a great and quick tutorial for one of my standard hair styles.  I’ve been doing this since college.  It’s my go to on those days where I just don’t feel like going through the hassel of washing, drying and flat ironing my hair.

Step #1:

Take the midsection of your hair and slightly tease it a couple of layers.  Let it fall back down.  Pull the midsection back into a pony tail.

Step #2:  Grab the pony tail with both hands.

 Step #3:   Wrap the pony tail around like a doughnut and pull it through the center.

Step #4:  Pull the hair all the way through the center of the doughnut/knot.

Step #5:  Wrap the remaining length around and underneath the outer edge of the knot.  Pin the knot in place with a couple of bobby pins.

Voila’…now you have a very simple yet sophisticated looking hairstyle to get you  through the day.

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    That is really cute! I just took my dauthger’s braids down last night I miss them! It was a cute little bob (not intentionally! LOL!). We did a faux hawk, ponytails and other quick styles but mostly she just like to wear it down. Because of the way I braid it curled on it’s own and she liked that too!

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    This is so pretty, and so simple to do! I love that. I’m a braids & ponytails kind of girl, especially now that my baby is in prime hair-pulling stage. Thanks so much for the easy how-to. The photos really help! Found your blog from Lil Luna.

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