The Duct Tape Halloween Bag

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At our house we love Halloween and all the festivities that go with it.  My youngest daughter Lily, will tell you that Halloween is even better than Christmas.  I think it’s because this is the first holiday she can truly remember.  So, I thought it would be fun to come up with a great Duct tape Halloween bag that you can use for trick or treating or in my daughters case to carry things in every day.

Here’s what you need:

  • 2 Different Colored Rolls of Duct Tape
  • 2 Sheets 8.5″X11″ Copy/Printer Paper
  • 8.5″X11″ Pumpkin Carving Template Print Outs
  • X-acto Knife
  • Straight Edge Ruler 
  • Optional: Masking or Clear Tape  (to temporarily hold things in place)


Begin by covering 1 sheet of 8.5″X11″ copy paper with the main color Duct tape. I wanted the pretty traditional Halloween Bag look so I used “Tangerine Orange”. I ran my pieces of Duct tape the long way because that way when I tape my sides together they blend in, but you could run them either way. Also, I add the copy paper because it serves a few purposes…1. it keeps the duct tape from sticking to your work surface. 2. It gives the largest sides (faces) of the bag a little extra stability. 3. It helps keeps the crisp edges where you cut out your design. 4. It provides quick and easy sizing guidelines.


Next, locate the cutout template onto your Duct tape Sheet. and secure it with tape. Be sure to put the tape on the underside in areas that will NOT be cut out, otherwise your template may slide. Then cut out the shapes or design with your X-acto knife.


Here’s the cut outs for my first side…


Peel off and flip over your sheet with the cut outs. Locate pieces of Duct tape behind the cut outs. This can get a little frustrating because the duct tape wants to stick to your fingers, so I secured each piece in a few places with clear tape. I also tried to minimize the pieces of tape so that they just covered the cutouts. I did this rather than using just 1 large duct tape sheet because the orange layer that goes on next holds these pieces in place, AND everywhere under the upside down tape isn’t attached.


Then, go ahead and cover this side with the Duct tape.


Square up your edges and cut this sheet to 10″ from the top. Your Side should be 8.5″ X 10″ when finished and look like this… Go ahead and repeat the above steps for your other side. You can make the other side without the cutouts if you want to, but my Daughter really wanted a pumpkin and a ghost on the sides.


Next we need to make the bottom and sides of the bag. Create your Duct tape sheets so that you can cut (1) bottom piece with a final size of 8.5″ wide X 5″ high. Add a few layers of tape to this piece to add some needed stiffness to the bottom. Next you will need to make (2) sides and cut them to a final size of 10″ X 5″.


Here are all my bag pieces trimmed to the correct size. You probably don’t need to do this but next I folded and creased these 3 pieces along the dashed lines. I did this so you can flatten the bag out without wrecking the front face that I spent so much time cutting out with my X-acto knife 🙂


Now you can begin taping the seams of your bag.I don’t think it really matters where you begin, but I started with the bottom. It made sense so I could get a good straight looking edge and would be able to trim it afterwards with my knife.


Now that your bag is all taped together, we only have the handle left to make and tape on. Rip and tape together (face to face) a length of tape allowing for a final trimmed size of 18″. If your edges aren’t exactly lined up you’ll want to trim the long sides to get any stick glue residue off. Once you do that, cut the piece in half to get your (2) handles.


Finally, tape the handles to the inside of the bag. I measured over 2″ from the side and made a mark as my guide. Rip a piece of tape and place it at the bottom of your handle. Use the top of the piece of tape and the inside edge of your handle to line everything up and tape it in place. Once this has been put in place go back and add a few more small pieces to secure and reinforce. You’d hate to have your little one’s candy get lost or fall to the ground just because you skimmped on a little tape here! Repeat and Complete!


Hope you enjoyed this!


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