The ABC Dress

While traveling to Ohio to visit Mom and Dad/ Grandparents, I had some time to sew with my Mom which was so nice.  I consider my Mom to be an excellent sewer and the best one that I personally know.  You name it and she can make it.  It was so nice to have some time to sit down with her and do a project together. I wanted to make a dress for Lily for her 3rd birthday that incorporated her favorite color RED.  She loves red and we’re always told “red is my favorite color”.  So, I came upon this fabric that was her favorite color and also included one of her other favorites, the ABC’s.  Lily is notorious for always singing the ABC’s. This is even her favorite night time song request.  Not Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, but the ABC’s.  My husband and I are serenaded just about every evening after we put her to bed to her own rendition of the ABC’s before falling asleep.  I wanted the fabric choices to be just right.  Something that would capture in essence her likes as a toddler and turning 3. I chose three different fabrics and here are the fabrics I used:

  • “Happy Campers” by American Jane Patterns, Sandy Klop for Moda
  • “The Berenstain Bears-Welcome to Bear Country!” by The Berenstains for Moda
  • “Summersville, Alphabetty” by Lucie Summers in London Bus Red for Moda


I used Simplicity 2171 pattern.

The pattern called for the edge to be raw/exposed for the top of the apron.  I decided to enclose the raw edges here because I didn’t want Lily to pick at it.

 This dress also has the twirl factor which is a must for my little girl.  Overall, this is a great pattern I’m definitely going to use again.

 It’s a hit!  She told me she loved it and this picture says it all.

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