Triple Fish Tail Rainbow Loom Bracelet Using Two Pencils

Final Triple Fish Tail

Here’s another tutorial where I am using the Rainbow Loom bands, and rather than using the actual Rainbow Loom, you can use two pencils.  After my first tutorial (Rainbow Loom Bracelet without the Loom) I have had a lot of requests for another version, so I hope you like this one.  My daughter loves this version because it’s nice and chunky compared to most other Rainbow Loom bracelets that are just pretty flat and wide.

Here’s what you need:

  • Two Pencils
  • (3) different colors of Rainbow Loom type rubber bands or as many colors as you like.
  • (1) “S” clamp or “C” clamp

Step 1:  Take three bands and twist them making a figure eight around the two pencils.

first step 1

Step 2: Take 3 bands of your next color and place them on your pencils like this…

step 2

Step 3: Pull the bottom set of three bands over the top of each side of the pencil.

step 3

Step 4: Repeat on the other side.  Add in your third color of bands and repeat this process and your bracelet begins to grow longer.
step 4Step 5: Keep repeating and alternating colors until you have the desired length. Then,  attach the plastic clamp to the bottom end. Make sure you get all of the 3 bands into the clamp.

step 5

Step 6:  Carefully pull the bands off the pencils, and make sure not to lose any of them.  pull them apart and this is how we will finish this end…

step 7

Step 7: Take one side and push it through the other side.

step 8

Step 8: Pull the end tight, and keep hold of it.

step 9

Step 9: Attach that looped end to the other end with your clasp, and your bracelet is complete!

step 10

As you can see below, the bottom triple fish tail bracelet looks a lot more chunky than the regular single band fishtail. Of course, this uses 3 times the number of rubber bands, but my daughter and her friends think it looks waaaaay cooler than the simple single one. I totally agree with them.


Well, I hope you like this variation and I’m going to keep scheming and figuring out how to make more bracelets.


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