5 Minute Mason Jar Christmas Decor

5 Min-Mason-Jar-Christmas-Decor-Artzy Creations 1

Do you need a quick Holiday decoration?  Are you looking for a really cute gift idea?  This quick and simple 5 Minute Mason Jar Christmas Decor combines the best of these two ideas.  Not only does this project make for a quick and simple Christmas decor but it is also beyond cute.  If you really wanted to, you could give it away, but I don’t think I will be parting with mine.  I have a slight obsession with Mason Jars and this one is too cute.  Let me show you just how easy it is to create this very simple project.  Let’s get started!

5-Min 2

Supplies Needed:

  • Soft Snow
  • Little Christmas Tree
  • Mason Jar with Chain Lid (These can be found at Michael’s)
  • Hot Glue
  • Hot Glue Gun

Step 1:  Hot glue the tree to the inside bottom of your mason jar.

Step 2:  Fill with a fair amount of Soft Snow and hang!



Yup, it’s really that simple.  You could have a couple of these hanging in a large window, one on either side of a fire place, or perhaps several hanging from a tree.  The possibilities are just endless.

5 Min-Mason-Jar-Christmas-Decor-Artzy Creations 4

Have fun making this jar of cuteness!  I can’t wait to share more of my cute holiday creations with you.  Until then…


Mason Jar Supply Caddy

Today, I’m sharing  another cute and simple craft.  I’m a teacher and I’m still in full on Back to School mode. So, in honor of going back to school, I came up with a really cute organizational craft. This Mason Jar Supply Caddy could also be a perfect for a Back to School Teacher Gift.

Mason-Jar-Supply-Caddy-Artzy Creations

 I don’t know about you… but, I  never have enough cute organizers for my school office or my craft supplies.  This little handy Mason Jar Caddy is really easy to make and is super handy, so let’s get started!

Supplies Needed:

  • Wood Caddy
  • Chalk Paint in Two Contrasting Colors (only one needed if using Vinyl)
  • Paint Brush
  • (4) small Mason Jars
  • Cricut or Silhouette Machine, vinyl and transfer tape
  • “Supplies” .png for cutpath or printing for hand transfer can be found HERE

Step 1:  Paint the caddy using chalk paint and let it dry.

Step 2:  Cut out the lettering using one of the cut machines and a piece of vinyl.  Remove the letters and transfer to the caddy.

Step 3:  If you don’t have a cutting machine, you can still print out the lettering and using the old pencil and tracing method, put the lettering onto the caddy and then paint it in by hand.

Step 4:  Put the Mason Jars in the supply caddy and fill with all of your office or craft supplies.

Mason-Jar-Supply-Caddy-Artzy Creations 1

This is just a fun project that really doesn’t take a lot of time or supplies.  I can’t wait to put this in my office at school.  It’s just a nice simple solution to help organize an office or craft room that doesn’t require a lot of time or money and the best part is, you can customize it in any way to show off a little bit of your personality.

Mason-Jar-Supply-Caddy-Artzy Creations 2



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DIY Sidewalk Chalk Pumpkins

DIY Sidewalk Chalk Pumpkins

DIY Sidewalk Chalk Pumpkins

Easy DIY Mummy Wreath

Easy DIY Mummy Wreath

Easy DIY Mummy Wreath

Rustic 4th of July Mason Jar

4th of July is all about red, white, and blue.  And nothing says 4th of July like a good old DIY painted mason jar with red, white, and blue on it. This is perfect for holding silverware, straws, flowers, pinwheels for the kids, and much more.  I just love how versatile this project is.  So, let’s get started and see just how easy this distressed painted mason jar is to make!



Painted Mason Jar Supplies:


Step 1. Using the white chalk paint, paint the entire mason jar.  Let the first coat dry and then apply a second coat to make sure the mason jar has been coated thoroughly.

Distressed-4th-of-July-Painted-Mason-Jar-Crafts-Unleashed-3Step 2. Using painter’s tape, mark off about the top third of the painted mason jar.  Make sure to press down the painter’s tape to ensure it’s adhered well to the mason jar.  Paint the top section using the red chalk paint.  Let it dry.

Distressed-4th-of-July-Painted-Mason-Jar-Crafts-Unleashed-4Step 4. Lightly sand the painted mason jar with sand paper. You don’t want to sand the entire jar, just certain areas and especially the high ridges.  Go over these areas as much or as little as you like to achieve a distressed look.


I love the versatility of this jar and how it can be used in so many ways.


If your going to use this outdoors a lot, I do recommend giving your jars a good coat of clear spray glaze.  This way your DIY mason jars will last for many 4th of July’s to come.


Enjoy your new painted mason jar!


DIY Mason Jar Aquarium Lamp For Kids

My kids have been wanting another fish lately. So, instead of going the live fish route. I decided to create a faux fish aquarium out of a mason jar and also made it a working lamp. This DIY lamp is so simple to create. You can make a couple of lamps in no time, and you just might want to, because if you have a couple of kids… they will ALL want one.

DIY-Mason-Jar-Aquarium-Lamp-Artzy Creations 4a

With just a few simple supplies you will have a fun and very real looking, DIY fish aquarium lamp.

DIY-Mason-Jar-Aquarium-Lamp-Artzy Creations 5

Aquarium DIY lamp supplies:

Step 1: Fill the mason jar with water. Add two drops of food coloring and stir.

DIY-Mason-Jar-Aquarium-Lamp-Artzy Creations 8

Step 2: Next, pour this into a pot. Add just a little extra water to account for evaporation when boiling. Add two packages of Knox Gelatin. Whisk the mixture until the gelatin has dissolved. Bring to a boil. Once the mixture has been brought to a boil, let it cool. Transfer to to the mason jar once it has cooled off considerably.

Step 3: Place in the fridge. Let this cool for about an hour to two. Check on the progress of the gelatin. Don’t let it to get too firm. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to insert the fish.

Step 4: While the gelatin is cooling, place a little amount of hot glue in the hole of the canning lamp adapter. This is for safety. It will seal the opening and make sure no liquid gets into the actual DIY lamp.

DIY-Mason-Jar-Aquarium-Lamp-Artzy Creations 9Step 5: Once the gelatin has set up, but is not completely firm, take and insert the plastic tropical fish.

DIY-Mason-Jar-Aquarium-Lamp-Artzy Creations 10

Step 6: Cut a piece of Press n” Seal wide enough to cover the opening of the jar. Cover the top, and trim if necessary.

Step 7: Screw the canning DIY lamp adapter onto the jar. It will screw in place with the Press n’ Seal on it. If you want to insure that the lid doesn’t come off, super glue under the rim to keep it in place.

DIY-Mason-Jar-Aquarium-Lamp-Artzy Creations 12

DIY-Mason-Jar-Aquarium-Lamp-Artzy Creations 13

DIY-Mason-Jar-Aquarium-Lamp-Artzy Creations

If you move the DIY lamp, the fish actually jiggle like they are moving.

My kids love this lamp! I now have to make another because both of my girls loved this one so much. The best part… maintenance free and the fish won’t die! 🙂




DIY Mason Jar Aquarium Lamp and Darice

DIY-Mason-Jar-Aquarium-Lamp-Artzy Creations 4

Check out this very cool DIY Mason Jar Aquarium Lamp today over at Darice’s blog Live Craft Love.  My kids think this is the coolest project I’ve ever made and I have to agree.  Get the full tutorial on how to create your own.  Waring!  If you have more than one kid, you might have to make multiples because they will love that much!


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