Bar Necklace Tutorial

Bar-Necklace-Tutorial-Artzy Creations 3

Hi!   I’m have a fun and EASY necklace tutorial that won’t break the bank.  Check out just how simple it is to create this trendy modern necklace using these beautiful Brass Ethiopian Beads.

Bar-Necklace-Tutorial-Artzy Creations

Supplies Needed:

  • Ethiopian Small Light Brass Metal Beads
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Wire Cutters
  • 4 inch Brass Head Pin or Gold Metal Wire
  • 2  3x4mm Oval Jump Rings-14 Gauge
  • 1 4mm Gold Jump Ring
  • 10mm Gold  Lobster Claw Clasp
  • 3 to 4mm Gold Cable Chain

Step 1:  Take the brass head pin and clip off the head pin.  If you’re using gold wire, cut a piece roughly 4 inches in length.

Step 2:  Take your piece and create and eye pin with a loop at one end.  This can be done by using the needle nose pliers to bend the wire at a 90 degree angle and then back over to create a loop.  Just like you would find on an eye pin.  I wanted my own custom size eye pin for this necklace measuring at 1 -5/8″.  Trim the excess wire near the loop you just created.

Bar-Necklace-Tutorial-Artzy Creations 4

Step 3:  Place the Brass Ethiopian Beads onto the wire leaving enough room to make another eye pin at the end. I used about 33-34 beads on the bar.  Repeat the  step 2 to create your eye pin on the other end.  Trim any excess wire.

Bar-Necklace-Tutorial-Artzy Creations 5Step 4:  Cut 2 pieces of gold chain to about 7-1/2″ each.  You can custom size this as you would like.  If you want a longer necklace, which would look great too, just cut you chain longer.  Open up the ends of the bar and attach it to the the two chains.  It should look like this…

Bar-Necklace-Tutorial-Artzy Creations 7Step 5:  Add the oval jump rings to the end of each chain (2 total).  Connect one end of the lobster claw clasp to the jump ring and close it shut.  On the other end, attach the round jump ring to the oval jump ring. Open up the lobster claw clasp and attach the round jump ring which completes the necklace.

Bar-Necklace-Tutorial-Artzy Creations 2The sheer simplicity and modern aesthetic of this finished necklace will make it a hit for any occasion and only you will know that it didn’t cost a fortune or take forever to make!




DIY Gold Beaded Hoops

final image_1

Here’s a really easy jewelry tutorial for a great looking pair of beaded hoops. These are fun and so versatile that they will go with any outfit.  If you’re looking for an easy DIY jewelry project, this is the one for you.  I found these perfect beautifully hand crafted beads from Ethiopia on the  Happy Mango Beads site.  If you have never checked out this bead website,  you should.  They have a great selection of unique one of a kind beads that are hard to find.


Here’s What You Need:

  • Gauge Wire
  • Ethiopian Brass Beads ( From Happy Mango Beads or you can use any gold colored type of bead.)
  •  Wire Cutters
  • Needle Nose Pliers


Step 1:  Cut the wire to roughly eight inches.


Step 2:  Take the wire and bend it into a hoop.


Step 3:  Create a loop on one end and leave part of the wire hanging down.  On the other side, bend the wire.  After you have done this, on the side with the loop, fit the end of the wire down into the beads to disguise the end.

fininshing the loop

Step 4:  Push all of the beads together to make sure there is no gap in the wire as you are getting ready to tighten the hoop.  Wire wrap the long end of the wire at least three times and then trim it with the wire cutters.  When you trim the wire, make sure the end is to the back.  This will make for a much more finished look.  Attach the ear wires by opening them and attaching the hoops onto them.

final image 3

Final image 2

 Don’t have a Mother’s Day gift?  This would make a great one.  Quick, easy & beautiful.

If you like jewelry tutorials, check out this quick easy bracelet tutorial here.

Easy Beaded Bangles



Easy Beaded Bangles

Final Image Beaded Bangle Bracelet

Here’s a very easy tutorial for making expensive looking golden beaded bangles.  All you need are a few supplies and a little patience.

Here are the materials you need:

  • 26 GA Gold Wire (Roughly 4 yards)
  • Thin Matte Gold Bangel  (You can find them here.)
  • 3 mm Matte Gold Beads
  • Scissors or Wire Cutters

Beaded Bangle Mat

Step 1:   Cut your length of 5 mm wire to about 1.5 yards. A little extra length is better because it really needs to be long enough to wrap the bangle and hold all of the beads in place. Start by placing the end of the wire on the inside of the bracelet.  Wrap the wire around the bangle twice.

beginning the bracelets

Step 2:   Place a bead onto the wire and wrap it over the top and back through the center of the bangle.

second step

When your done wrapping the bead in place it should look like the picture below.

step 3Step 3:   Place the next bead on the wire and repeat until you’ve covered the entire bangle. Remember, the beads you have already wrapped in place should be on your right side as you’re working around the bangle. End the bracelet by weaving the end into the previous loops made and trimming any extra length.

Finished Bracelets

 Well, that’s pretty much it! I love the way these gold ones look and as you can see they are super easy to make.  Now that you know how to make these, go ahead and use your imagination to make any number of different bead color combinations.


Dahlia Broach

I must say I have a flare for the dramatic.  I love accessories that make a bold statement yet, are classy and not too over the top.  This is an accessory that you can make for little money and will take that dress from a $20.00 dress to a $200.00 in no time.

Here’s what you need:

  • 1 Black Silk Dahlia Flower (I purchased mine from Michael’s.)
  • 1 Rhinestone Broach (This is a pendant from Tori Spelling’s line Styled.  I also purchased this at Michael’s and used a 40% off coupon.)
  • 1 Small Piece of Black Felt
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • 1 Clip & Pin Back 

First thing you will need to do is take the center out of the flower.  I had already removed this a while ago to see if the flower was going to work for this project.  When you take out the center, the flower will fall apart somewhat.  Keep all layers of the petals and even the back.  I chose to leave the green plastic base of the flower on since this was a larger flower.  It needs the additional support.  I also didn’t want the flower to be too flimsy.  Go through and hot glue all the layers of the flowers together.  I went ahead and did this to make sure the flower wasn’t going to fall apart on me while I was wearing it.

From here, cut the felt circle for the back of the flower.  Glue the felt on and adhere the clip and pin back.

 Here’s my simple $20.00 dress from Target with the dahlia broach on it.  This broach is just perfect and I love how it looks.  And to top things off, it took me only 10 minutes to make.  So simple!

Now your turn to make one.

DIY Anthropologie Necklace

O.K.  Who doesn’t love Anthropologie?  But, the prices are sometimes unbelievable for their products.   I happened upon this necklace called the Sol Pompom Necklace.  It caught my eye because I love pompoms and thought this was such a clever use of them in a necklace.  That got me thinking…I had to reverse engineer this necklace.  And behold I did it!    Except I did it for a fraction of the cost, only $20.00.  This necklace has a retail price of $468.00.  I had to laugh when they put it on sale for $249.95 because of what I made it for.  Here’s what the original necklace looks like.

Sol Pompom Necklace Courtesy of Anthropologie

I also thought their color choices were a little garish.  I went instead for more of a  monochromatic color scheme using different shades of blues.  I love the color blue.

Here’s what you need:

  • 1 yd. of pompoms-light blue
  • 1 yd. of of thin velvet ribbon-1/4″ thick and a shade darker than the light blue
  • 1 yd. of thicker velvet ribbon to hold the necklace-dark blue
  • 1 yd of silver chain-5/8″ thick
  • 1 yd. of leather cording-silver
  • 1yd. of rhinestones
  • 2-3 strand slide lock (I got mine from a different place, but Firemountain Gem and Beads is one of the best online stores for all beading and jewelry supplies.  This is probably the hardest item to find out of the entire necklace.)
  • Lt.Blue thread to match the velvet that the rhinestones are going to be sewn on to
  • Navy thread to match the dark blue velvet
  • Needle
  • 1 pkg. of wire (I got mine from Michael’s)
  • Jump rings (6mm)

Hardware supplies that you will need:

  • Round nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors

This entire project used the method of wire wrapping.  It’s very easy!

Start by measuring the chain roughly 16″.  You can make it shorter or longer depending on your neck.  Open the chain with a pair of the needle nose pliers or cut one of the links with your wire cutters.  It all depends on the thickness of the chain.  Lay the two pieces of chain next to one another to make sure they are both the same length.

Attach the pompoms by threading the wire through the top hoop of the pompom and securing it to the chain.  At the same time you are wrapping the pompom to the wire, slide the silver leather cording in.


Continue looping the pompoms and wire wrapping the leather cording till the end of the chain.  Secure the wire at the end of the chain by leaving additional wire at the end and cut with wire cutters.  Wrap the wire around the last link of the chain at the very top of it.

 Attach the thin wire to one of the chains and start wrapping the two chains together.  You are wire wrapping the two chains securely together.


Measure the thinner of the two velvet ribbons so it runs the entire length of the chain.  This is the ribbon that will run down the center top of the chain that has the rhinestones on it.  Stitch with matching thread the rhinestones to the velvet ribbon.  This will secure the rhinestones in place while you are wire wrapping.


Take some more wire and start wrapping the strip of velvet ribbon and rhinestones to the center of the necklace.  Wrap until completed and leave a little wire at the end to attach to the back of the necklace.  This will allow for a finished look.  Never have any ends of the wire on the front part of your necklace.  Always wrap and take them to the back.  Feed the wire to existing wire in the back of the necklace.


Attach your three jump rings to each end of your necklace.  Do this by opening them up with your round wire tool and hook to the end of the necklace.

 Space the rings out according to the space of the 3-ring slide.  Take the 3 -ring slide and attach the jump rings and close.  Attach 3 more jump rings to the other side of the 3-ring slide.

Feed the dark blue velvet through the jump rings.  Leave enough ribbon to tie and make a knot.   Also, have enough length of ribbon to be able to wrap the ribbon around itself a second time.

Tie a knot.

Wrap the ribbon around the knot.

Stitch the ribbon securely to the back with matching thread.  Trim off excess ribbon on the back.

Cut some ribbon off to make a bow.  Stitch the bow to the front of the necklace.

Now, you have one great conversation piece to wear.  I feel like a modern day Cleopatra.

Frog Closure Necklace

I went to FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) in downtown L.A. the other day with my daughter Emma.  I had heard so much about the Scholarship Store. Retail companies donate everything in the store that goes towards student scholarships for the school.   I can’t believe I hadn’t been until now.  They had incredible deals on fabric.  Remnants were $1.00 and all other fabric was $2.00 a yard.  I happened upon this bin of frog closures.  I truly had never seen so many closures in one spot… ever.  I grabbed a bag that I thought was really interesting looking for $2.00

These were just so nice.  I liked the everything about them.  The color, texture, and size were all perfect.  These were not your typical frog closures. They did not have a satiny sheen to them.

So, I was mulling over what I could do with these.  I layed them out and started messing with them.  Then it hit me.  I could make a necklace out of these.  This would be an Anthropologie inspired necklace.

Here's the initial layout of the necklace.

  Here’s the initial layout of the necklace.

This necklace was so simple and easy.  This was all I did. After laying the pieces out, I took a needle and thread and sewed the following areas from the back side of the closures.

Sew at marked areas

I made some adjustments as I went.  I wanted the necklace to be a little bit fuller in the front so I added one more frog closure to the bottom row.

To open the necklace just open the frog closure in the back.  There you have a great necklace that is very simple to create yet makes a bold statement.

Side view of finished necklace

I can’t wait to wear this in the summer with a cute dress.

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