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This post was originally created for Darice.  I love all things inspirational. From prints, to cards, to photos.  With my oldest daughter starting middle school this week, I thought it would be great to make her an inspirational felt banner that will be a reminder for her that she will do great in middle school this year.  What I love most about this easy felt crafts project is that it would be perfect any where in one’s home.  This would also be a fun addition to an office space too. Let’s get started and see just how easy this inspirational banner is to make.

Felt Crafts – Inspirational Banner Supplies:


Step 1.  Cut a large rectangular piece of felt.  I cut mine to 16″ x 18″.


Step 2.  Fold the felt piece in half.  Cut the bottom at and angle to create the point on the banner.


Step 4.  For cutting out the letters, cut pieces of felt at roughly 2.5″ x 3″.  Cut the felt crafts letters out.  If you are uncomfortable free handing the letters, use a sewing marker to draw the letters out or you can print them and use them as templates.

Step 5.  Glue the letters in place using tacky glue or hot glue.

Step 6.  Add trim to the bottom of the banner using the glue. I used this super cute pom pom trim.

Step 7.  Create a large tassel with yarn using the tutorial from my Mini DIY Tassel Stretch Bracelet.  Just increase the size of the cardboard that you would normally use for a mini tassel in order to create a larger tassel.  Tie a piece of yarn to both sides of the dowel rod.

Inspirational-Felt-Banner-Artzy Creations 7a

I love how these felt crafts turned out and what a great reminder for my daughter!  I think I need to make one for my office at school because it’s just so bright and cheery.


Inspirational-Felt-Banner-Artzy Creations 8Here it is in her room and it’s just perfect!  You can also customize these felt crafts banners to fit any size and space you like.  So, here’s to making some fun inspirational banners. Enjoy!


Inspirational Felt Banner and Darice

Inspirational-Felt-Banner-Artzy Creations 6


Hi Everyone!  Today, I’m over at Darice’s blog Live Craft Love sharing this Inspirational Felt Banner today.  You can’t believe how easy this was to make.  I made this for my daughter, but I’m thinking I need to make one for my office at school.  Head on over today to get the tutorial on how to make your own Inspirational Felt Banner.  See you there!


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