How To Make Vintage Looking Ornaments and More!

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I’ve been sharing a lot of traditions that we do in my household this week.  But, this tradition has a soft spot in my heart.  This was a tradition that was actually started by my Great Aunt.  I have to admit that I think my Great Aunt would’ve been a fantastic crafty blogger herself if she had the chance.  She was the epitomie of craftiness from what I can remember.  I remember my Mom getting the most beautiful and intricate ornaments I had ever seen.  They were all different colors and decorated with jewels, ribbons, and sequins.  I later learned that all the ornaments were hand made… each and everyone of them by my Great Aunt.  Some of the ornaments look painstakingly beautiful. You can tell that hours if not days were put into a single ornament.  From the first time I saw these, I fell in love with them.  I also fell in love with the fact that my Great Aunt had taken the time to make such a beautiful ornament by hand as well as the uniqueness of each and every beautiful one that hung from the tree.  I decided many years ago that I would make some of my own Vintage Looking Ornaments to pass down to my daughters and then one day they would truly be vintage. 🙂

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Here’s just a few of the ornaments that she made.  The bottom right hand one I’m sure took a couple of days to make.   Aren’t they beautiful?  My mom also has a set of miniature ornaments that fill up and entire 2 1/2 foot tree.  Do you want to make your own Vintage Like Ornaments?  You just need a couple of materials and it’s pretty simple.

Here’s What You Need:

  • Satin Ornament Ball (They need to be the foam balls and not the plastic ones.)
  • Ribbon/Trim
  • Pearls, Sequence, or any Embellishment
  • Push Pins (LOTS)

How-To-Make-Vintage-Ornaments-Artzy Creations 6 Step 1:  Find some vintage or non vintage trim/ribbon.  You could even use fabric.  Measure and wrap the trim around the ornament.  Pin in place with a push pin.  How you pin the trim in place is up to you.  A lot of times, I will put a pearl on the end like you see above.  However, you can also use a combination of sequins and pearls like the bottom right hand ornament.

Step 2:  Continue to embellish however you wish!  That’s the true beauty of these ornaments. How-To-Make-Vintage-Ornaments-Artzy Creations 7

For this ornament, I used some very vintage trim that my Grandmother gave me that  I have held onto forever.  The detail in the trim is amazing and one of those things that you just can’t find today.

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 I love how this turned out and it will be added to the collection of vintage ornaments that my Great Aunt and I have already made.  Go ahead and make some vintage like ornaments of you own.  You know, they also make great gifts themselves or maybe as an added decoration on top of a present.

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