Easy Memory Wire Bracelet

final image 2

If you have ever wanted to try to make your own jewelry, this is the tutorial for you.  This is a great beginner project that ends up looking like you spent tons of money at the department store for a statement piece of jewelry.  The best part of the project though is that it takes very little time to make.

I fell head over heels for these beautiful brass Ethiopian beads I found at Happy Mango Beads. You can find ones like them here.  If you haven’t checked out Happy Mango Beads, you should.  They have a great selection of unique beads that I’ve never been able to find before.  Also, I couldn’t pass up the fact that they were brass. You know with the gold color being all the latest in fashion.

Here’s what you need:

  • Memory Wire (You can get this at Michael’s.)
  • Large Beads (7mm to 9mm)
  • Wire Cutters
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Couple of Smaller Beads/Headpins (Optional depending on how you want to finish the bracelet off.)

memory wire bracelet

cut memory wire

Step 1:

Cut several loops of the memory wire.  You will want to choose the smaller of the two sizes of memory wire that are available if you go to Michael’s.  The type I used is pictured above.  The bracelet will grow and conform to your arm.  I cut off seven loops and doubled checked the measurement on my wrist.  Always better to have a little extra than not enough.  Take the pliers and slightly bend an end of the wire.  This will help prevent the beads from falling off the wire.

Step 2:

beading the bracelet


String all of your beads onto the wire.  I made sure that my bracelet wrapped around 6 times.

Step 3:

bracelet ends

Take your round nose needle nose pliers and bend the wire at a 90 degree angle.  Wrap the wire around the tip of the pliers twice, to create a ring at the end.  I did this because the end of these beads have a large opening (not small like regular beads) and this will prevent the beads from sliding off.

Step 4:

ends of the bracelet

You could be done here and finish the end of the cuff bracelet the same way.  However, I wanted the bracelet to have a more finished and polished look to it.  So, take a head pin and a couple of smaller beads that coordinate with your main bead. (I used smaller brass beads and 2 small citrine beads.)  Place the beads onto the head pin like this:

ends of the bracelet 2

Finish this by bending at a 90 degree angle and bending it back to make a loop and wrap. If this was a bit confusing, You can go to my basic earring tutorial here for more instruction.  Place one completed headpin piece on each end of the bracelet by looping it onto the ends.  This is what it looks like when attached to the end.

finished ends

inside of bracelet

This is what the bracelet looks like on the interior side the wrist.

finished bracelet

 That’s it, an easy and simple bracelet to make that will look fabulous with lots of outfits!


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