Studded Headbands For Tweens And Mom

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Do you love the look of studs?  Well, I have two project ideas using studs to make cool DIY headbands for you and your tween.  The DIY “tween” studded headbands are perfect if you have a fussy tween that thinks she has grown out of the “cutesy stage.” They have just enough of a grown up look and bright colors to satisfy them, and the “Mom” studded headband has a nice polished and sophisticated look to it. Here’s how to make them…

“Tween” Studded DIY Headbands Supplies:

“Mom” Studded DIY Headband Supplies:

Artzy Creations_Studded Headband Steps 1

Step 1:  Cut two pieces of the black satin ribbon to about and 1.5″.  Place hot glue on the ends of the headband and wrap the ends, lengthwise with the ribbon.  Squish the ribbon that is at the very ends of the headband to help cover the entire end.

Artzy Creations_Studded Headband Steps 2a

Step 2:  Place a dab of hot glue on the inside of the headband near the very end. Next, take the end of the 3/8″ black satin ribbon, stick it to the hot glue, and start wrapping the headband.  Once the entire headband has been wrapped, make sure to hot glue the end of the ribbon on the inside to keep it looking neat.

Artzy Creations_Studded Headband Steps 3

Step 3:  Use a piece of sand paper and rough up the smooth, back side of the beads to ensure that they will stick to the headband. Then, using the epoxy glue, place the studs evenly or right next to each other depending on the look that you are going for. (Note: Be sure to use the adhesive and NOT hot glue to attach your beads to the headband. Hot glue will peel off the back of the bead and the satin ribbon.) Let the epoxy dry for a couple of hours and your done!

For the tween DIY headbands you will do exactly the same thing as above, except for the sanding of the studded beads. That’s because the beads that I used for the tween headbands don’t have a flat back to them.  You will however, have to hold them in place a little longer to set the epoxy and also use a fair amount of epoxy for each bead, but these cool DIY Studded Headbands are really that simple.

Artzy Creations_Studded Headband Main 6c

 My daughter and I both love how these DIY headbands turned out… and even better than that, I loved how they cost a fraction of what you spend for a comparable headband at any store.

Artzy Creations_Studded Headband Main 7

Enjoy your DIY headbands!



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