Studded Friendship Bracelet

final image

Here’s a great twist on on a favorite past time of mine.  I used to make tons of these friendship bracelets when I was younger.  In fact, it was one of my favorite things to make in junior high school.  There are several websites with really good instructions on how to make friendship bracelets.  Here is the one I used for the chevron design by Clairebellemakes.  Once you have your friendship bracelet made, this is what you will need:


  • 2 Ribbon Crimp Ends 10 x 5 mm in gold.  (I found mine here.)
  • 3 Gold Jump Rings (You can get these at Michaels.)
  • 6 Dome Nail heads/ 4 Prong   (I found mine here at  You could also use the other sizes for variety.
  • 1 Lobster Clasp

ends cut off the friendship bracelet

Step 1: Start by cutting the two ends of the friendship bracelet off with a pair of scissors.

crimp end

Step 2: Slip the ribbon crimp end onto the end of the friendship bracelet.  Clamp the two crimp ends closed with needle nose pliers.  You can also cover the crimp end with a piece of fabric to avoid marking it up while you use the pliers to clamp it closed.

bracelet with both crimp ends

Here is the bracelet with the two crimp ends attached.

studs in the bracelet

Step: 3 Place the dome nail heads/studs into the bracelet.  Do not attach.  This will help ensure proper spacing of the nail heads on the friendship bracelet.  Flip the bracelet over very carefully.  Attach the nail heads using needle nose pliers.  Make sure each prong hooks through the friendship bracelet as you are securing the nail head.

Step: 4 Open the jump rings.  Attach two jump rings to one end of the friendship bracelet.

 lobster claw attached

Step: 5 Attach one jump ring to the ribbon clasp.  Attach the lobster clasp to the jump ring and close.

finished bracelet

There you have it!  A clean finished look to the friendship bracelet.  Now you don’t have to wear the friendship bracelet until it falls off because it now has clasps.  It also now has a modern and updated look that is so easy for anyone to make.  You should try making them again because they are just as addicting as before. Enjoy!

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  1. says

    How cool. I used to love making this when I was a kid. This is such a great way to make them more sophisticated. 🙂 Now I just need to find my embroidery thread!



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