Snow Cones

My daughter, Emma, will be turning 8.  It’s hard to believe.  Time flies by so very fast.  As kids get older, it seems harder and harder to come up with the perfect gift.  This is the age where it seems like they’re right on the cusp of being too juvenile for all things princess, Disney, and even Barbie.  So, my daughter came up with a list of items she wanted for her birthday and got to send it off to her Grandparents in the Midwest.  Being the awesome Grandparents that the are, they fulfilled wish number one which was a snow cone maker.  Emma even got extra straws and cups to go with it. 

Here’s Emma excited about the new snow cone machine and is having a grape snow cone!

Both the girls are enjoying snow cones!  Lily was thinking that this was the best birthday present she ever got too.

Good to the very last drop.

Thanks Gee and Gramps!  According to Emma this is the best gift she’s ever gotten.  I don’t know what Mom and Dad are going to do now.  That’s pretty hard to top.

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