Shape Learning Manipulatives

I came up with this idea years ago when Emma, my oldest was 2 and starting to learn her shapes.   Children learn easier when they have something to hold, identify, and play with.   So, I decided to make large shapes that had faces and names on them.  I got the idea for faces from an educational clip art book that I need to give credit to, which was Carson-Dellosa.  This was before clip art was easily accessible on the internet.  I know I’m starting to date myself now.  But, these are so easy to make and will withstand a lot of use.  Plus, your kids will love them!

Here’s what you will need:

  • Different colored construction paper 12 x 18
  • pencil
  • Sharpie Marker

Start by lightly drawing your shapes with a pencil.  Once you are happy with the overall shape, go over your lines again in pencil.  Cut the shapes out.  One thing I did which I think is also a great learning tool, is to have a dot on each corner of the shape.  This way your child can learn how many sides there are to each shape by counting each of the dots.

Go over the edges in sharpie marker.  Add your smiley face and the name of the shape.  Laminate them and these will last you forever.  O.K. maybe for a couple of years!

I asked Lily to pick out her two favorite shapes.  She said Mr. Trapezoid and Mr. Circle.  Yes, she did say trapezoid.

Here’s to learning shapes.  Yay!


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    This is an amazing idea. Love the shapes. My son is also 2 and I love teaching him shapes using blocks. I am going to make these, it gives so much command to us to teach our kids more not so common shapes. Thanks for linking up and have a nice weekend.

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