Rustic Iron Bird Necklace

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I recently ordered this rustic iron bird pendant from Happy Mango Beads.  I was so excited when it showed up because I loved the shape, look, and feel of this pendant.  If you make your own jewelry, you should definitely check out their site.  The have an extensive variety of beads that are the most unique that I have ever found.  You can even order old ancient Roman glass beads that are between 900-1200 years old.

Rustic Iron Bird

For this pendant, I knew immediately that I wanted to make a long necklace.  I wanted to show you how simple and easy it is to make your own necklace.  And how fast it is too!

Here’s what you need:

  • One Pair of Round Nose Pliers
  • One Pair of Flat Nose Pliers (You can now find both of these at Michael’s.)
  • 2  8mm Jump Rings (Antique Copper Plated)
  • 2  4mm Jump Rings
  • 1 Lobster Clasp

measuring length of the chain

Step 1:

I measured out my copper plated chain.  I wanted it to be the same size as this heart necklace of mine.  This measures roughly 36″ in length.

open jump ring

Step 2:

Take the 8mm jump ring and open it up with the two pairs of pliers.  Loop the bird pendant through. I also slipped on another small heart charm that I had.  Close the jump ring.


Step 3:

At the end of the chain on the left hand side I attached two 4mm jump rings.  On the right hand side I attached a 4 mm jump ring and then and 8mm jump ring for the lobster clasp to go through.  Because my chain is smaller, I wanted a smoother transition with the additional jump rings.

final image 1

That’s it!  It’s so easy to put together.  This took me less than 10 minutes and I now have a one of kind fabulous necklace to go with many pieces in my wardrobe.




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