Retro Christmas Tree Ornaments

Retro-Christmas-Trees-Artzy Creations

 Disclosure:  This is part of the Cricut Design Space Contest and is not a sponsored post.  However, this project is being considered for prizes.

This is the final challenge of the Cricut Design Space Star and Design Team 14 chose a “Dreamy White Christmas” theme.  I couldn’t help think retro when I thought of “Dreamy White Christmas”.  For years now, I’ve always wanted a one of those white or even silver old school retro trees.  I just love how they look.  Well,  using one of those trees as my inspiration, I came up with this design for a Retro Christmas Tree Ornament.

Here’s What You Need:

Retro-Christmas-Trees-Artzy-Creations Design Space

Step 1:  Load the “Christmas Tree Template Background” into the Cricut Design Space. Scale the image to a width of 11″. Adhere your colored glitter paper onto the Cricut cut mat, load it into your machine and cut the solid tree backgrounds out.

Retro-Christmas-Trees-Artzy-Creations Design Space 2

Step 2:   Load the “Christmas Tree Template Front” into the Cricut Design Space. Scale the image to a width of 11″.  Adhere your white cardstock onto the Cricut cut mat, load it into your machine and cut the trees out. Carefully peel them off of the cut mat.

Step 3:   Spray Super 77 onto the back of the white card stock.  Align and adhere it to the glitter tree. Press the trees between a couple of books to flatten them.

These actually come together really quickly.  If you haven’t tried Super 77, it works great. Also know that its a permanent adhesive and not a temporary fixative like photo mount. Once you’ve stuck it in place it’s there. Also, be sure to use it in a well ventilated area or maybe even wear a mask.  One last tip… it will stick to your fingers and everything around it, so don’t overspray & be sure to lay down some newspaper or white copy paper that you can easily throw away when you are finished.

Retro-Christmas-Trees-Artzy Creations 2

  Using silver, blue, and turquoise glitter card stock really makes the retro look that I was going for.

Retro-Christmas-Trees-Artzy Creations 3

To finish these as tree ornaments, just punch a small hole in the top and thread ribbon or twine through the hole & tie a knot at the top of your ribbon or twine.

Retro-Christmas-Trees-Artzy Creations 5

I love how these turned out!  Now just need to get the white or silver retro Christmas tree of my dreams to go with all of these colorful sparkly ornaments.

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