Pom Pom Ponytail Holder

Pom Pom Poytail Holder_FI

Super Cute… Super Easy… My two favorite things to hear. Especially when used in the same sentence. These Pom Pom ponytail holders are BOTH!

Here are the Materials you will need:

  • Elastic Ponytail Holders
  • Coordinating Colored Yarn
  • Scissors

Begin by making you pom pom. If you have never made a pom pom before, I have a simple tutorial I did on a past project for you HERENOTE: Do not trim your yarn that ties the pom pom together.

Next, Take your finished pom pom and tie it to your ponytail holder with the string that holds it together. If you trimmed the string it’s fine, You can pretty easily sew the pom pom to the ponytail holder.

Pom Pom Poytail Holder_How to


Pom Pom_Final 03

That’s it, SUPER EASY, and look how SUPER CUTE these are in my daughter’s hair!

Pom Pom_Final 05

We love pom poms and hair accessories in our house. This project combines them both with COLORFUL and FUN results.  I hope you enjoy making and wearing these too!


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