Pom Pom Chicks in a Painted Nest

Pom Pom Chicks in Nest_01

Are you looking for an Easter craft that keeps your kids attention the whole time, & they end up with a super cute decoration that cracks them up? With this craft, you and your kids will make super cute fuzzy pom pom chicks and they sit in a colorfully painted egg carton nest.

Here are the art supplies you will need:

Pom Pom Chicks in Nest_Materials

I recommend you start with the painting of the cardboard egg carton nests so that while they dry you can make the pom pom chicks. Here is what we did. Begin by cutting the lid off of the egg carton. SAVE it! It makes the perfect paint palette that you can easily toss when you’re finished painting. I love easy clean up.

Pom Pom Chicks in Nest_Paint Palette

Next, separate the egg cups by cutting them apart with a scissors. Once the cups are separated, go back with a pinking shears to get the nice finished edge on the “nest”. Cut these so they are kind of shaped like the egg shell has broken.

Pom Pom Chicks in Nest_Trim Cups

Now it’s time to begin painting and this is the really fun part. Let your child paint & decorate these cups any way they like. My daughters had so much fun doing this. They painted everything from stripes, to polka-dots and rainbows to flowers AND they painted all 12 cups.

Pom Pom Chicks in Nest_Painting

Let the cups dry after they have been painted. While they are drying, let’s make a few fuzzy pom pom chicks. If you know how to make pom poms using a fork, you can skip this part of the tutorial. My only recommendation is that you use a larger than average sized fork so that your fuzzy chicks are big enough. If you have a large fork and want to know how to make pom poms using the fork method, you can view a tutorial I did for it HERE. Otherwise, below is how we made our poms.

Step 1) As you can see, in our house, Starbucks serves more than 1 purpose :). Cut a single piece of yarn about 6 inches in length. Wrap the yarn around the card lengthwise 1 time and tape it to hold it in place. Take the yarn that is attached to your ball and begin wrapping it around the card. Wrap it about 100 times. This might sound like a lot, but it’s not really that much. The less you wrap it the more sparse your final pom will be. This was great counting practice with my 4 year old.

Step 2) Carefully slide the wrapped yarn towards the end of the card. The reason I used the plastic card was because it made it easier to slide down and off of the card I wrapped the yarn onto. Plus the size was just right for the poms.

Step 3) SLOWLY slide the entire wrapped bundle of yarn off the card while pulling both ends of the yarn that is underneath. Once the ball is off, pull the yarn as tight as possible, wrap it around once or twice more and tie it off in a knot.

Step 4) Take your yarn-wheel looking thing, and carefully cut through the loops. Be sure not to cut the center piece of yarn holding the whole thing together.

Step 5) There you have your pom pom chick… almost. Go ahead and give him a little haircut to sort of trim & shape him up.

Step 6) Color a piece of paper orange or use an orange piece of construction paper to make a pointed little beak. Leave enough surface on the back side so that it’s easier to glue and it holds better. Glue it in place. When the beak is in place it will help you locate the googly eyes. Attaching the eyes was probably the hardest part of the whole craft, but that was partially because I used such small googly eyes. Put glue on the ┬áback side of the eyes and stick them onto the chick. The googly eyes I used were not only small but the black centers didn’t really roll freely inside the eyes. Combine that with the fact that they only stuck to the end of like 1 piece of yarn, it really gave the chicks a lot of extra character. My girls and I kept cracking up because the chicks eyes looked so funny, but that made it all the more fun.

Pom Pom Chicks in Nest_Chick Assembly

Well, once the paint on your egg nests are dried, and your pom pom chicks are finished, the only thing left is to stick the chicks in their egg shell nest. As you can see, we added a little paper Easter grass to really tie them all together.

Pom Pom Chicks in Nest_02

I hope you enjoy making this craft and I hope you laugh as much as we did. It’s not only fun making them, but my girls still giggle every time they look at these cute little chicks.


Pom Pom Chicks in Nest_03


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