Paper Flower Wedding Chandelier

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Disclosure:  This project is part of the Cricut Design Star Challenge and is being considered for a prize.

It’s time again for this month’s Cricut Design Challenge and overall theme for this month is Wedding/Celebrations.  My team, Cricut Design Team #14, chose Woodland and Flowers for our team theme.  As I was brainstorming about what to do, one of my team members, Asia from Sparrow Soirees, asked if we wanted to collaborate on a wedding table together since we both live in the Seattle area and I jumped at the opportunity.  This was awesome!  I was so excited to work with Asia and she has amazing crafting skills not too mention tons of party planning experience.

I decided that I was going to make for part of the wedding table, a Paper Flower Wedding Chandelier.  I just love how beautiful and delicate these look and it would be perfect for our woodland and flower theme as well. Not only did I want to take full advantage of the Cricut’s ability to cut multiple or repetitive pieces, but  I also wanted something that could be made for a wedding by either bride’s maids, family or friends.


  • Cricut Explorer
  • Cricut Mat
  • 6 pieces or more of 12″ x 12″ Cardstock in Mint
  • 6 pieces or more of 12″ x 12″ Cardstock in Blush Pink
  • 10 pieces or more of 8.5″ x 12″ Cardstock in White
  • Large Spool of Fishing Line
  • 14″Wire Wreath
  • About 1 1/2 Bags of Moss
  • Scissors

Step 1:  Take the wire wreath and tie a piece of fishing line to any spot on the inside of the frame.  You will want to double or even triple knot the fishing line because the knots can slip apart if it is just a single knot.  Attach it to the other side of the wreath and tie securely.   Make sure there is no slack in the fishing line.  Repeat this process till you have created a support system within the inside of the wreath that you will be able to attach the paper flowers too.  Keep in mind not to have any large open gaps in your frame. Otherwise you’ll end up with large spaces without any flowers hanging from that area.

Step 2: Lay pieces of moss onto the wreath covering the wire frame.  Do a little section at at time and then wrap it with the fishing line to hold it securely in place.  Tie the fishing line a couple of times.  Repeat this process until the entire wire frame has been covered.

Artzy Creations_Paper Wedding Chandelier_Layout

Step 3: The Chandelier was made up from 3 different flower sizes. I created a Large, Medium, and Small flower layout to be cut. Upload the image to your Cricut Design Space and let your machine do all of the work!

Step 4: After removing flowers from the mat, take varying lengths of your fishing line and string a large and a small flower from each layout. Keep a few inches between each set and tie them in place with knots. Repeat and try to create a cascading effect.

Step 5: Tie the flower strands to the wreath and the support system you created. Slide the strands to space them out and be sure to add enough to make it look full.

Artzy Creations_Chandelier Image 2a

Artzy Creations_Paper Wedding Chandelier Main 1

Here’s the table that Asia and I worked on together.  Go to Sparrow Soriees see full tutorial on the paper peonies today.  They peonies turned out fabulous.  Asia will be posting tutorials for the menu and the feather place card holder in the next couple of days as well.  So, definitely go take a look.  I will be posting a feature on the initial napkin holders too.  Stay turned for more. Asia and I would like to give a big thank you Church House Woodworks and their amazing quality wood pieces that really helped to make our woodland theme successful.  They have all sorts of wonderful items like the coasters, place card and candle holders.  Check out Church House Woodworks here on Etsy,, and

Artzy Creations_Chandelier Image 5a

Artzy Creations_Paper Wedding Chandelier Main 4a

Go ahead and check out the rest of Team #14 and their Woodland and Flower creations.  They will completely amaze you!


DIY Paper Bridal Bouquet by The Happy Scraps

Paper Peonies, Menu, and Feather Place Card Holders by Sparrow Soirees

DIY Monogram Favor/Gift Tags by Pencil Shavings Studio

DIY Rustic Wedding Invitations by Seven Thirty Three

Woodland Centerpiece Candles by Everyday Party Magazine


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