Paper Egg Centerpieces and Party Pail

Easy-Paper-Egg-Centerpieces-Artzy Creations 1

It seems like with all the preparation that goes with  the different holidays, I’m always looking for cute and easy centerpieces.  These Paper Egg Centerpieces are so quick & fun to make, and they add the perfect touch to dress up your table for Easter.  The great part about these too is that the kids can make these while you’re preparing Easter dinner.  It’s a great way to keep the kiddos occupied and get your table decorated.  Another way I am saving time with holiday decorations, is with the help of Party Pail.  Party Pail is a great online party supply store that has the cutest decorations and supplies for every occasion.  If you haven’t had a chance to check them out, you definitely should.  So, now on to the Paper Egg Centerpieces!

Supplies Needed;

Step 1:  Print out the templates.  Cut out each template.  For each egg, you will cut out four egg shapes.  You can do more or less depending on how full you want you egg to be.

Step 2:  Stack all four egg cut outs on top of one another.  Staple the eggs together right down the center about three to four times. Easy-Paper-Egg-Centerpieces-Artzy Creations 2a Step 3:  Fold the pieces of paper in half and then back in the other direction.  Stand up your egg and bend the pieces along the fold to shape the egg.Easy-Paper-Egg-Centerpieces-Artzy Creations 3

These turned out so cute!  I will definitely be making them again next year.

Easy-Paper-Egg-Centerpieces-Artzy Creations 4

Party Pail really helped to complete the entire look of my Easter table from plates and napkins to silverware.  they also supplied these cute chevron cups to put jelly beans in for the kids.

Easy-Paper-Egg-Centerpieces-Artzy Creations 5

And any party isn’t complete without cute coordinating straws too, Party Pail has a variety of color options.

Easy-Paper-Egg-Centerpieces-Artzy Creations 6

They had this cute cupcake stand with matching cupcake wrappers and little bunny ears to stick into the cupcakes.  So fun! Easy-Paper-Egg-Centerpieces-Artzy Creations 7

And finally, a party at our house isn’t complete without a pinata.  Yes, they have pinatas too!  I can’t wait to see the look on all of the kids faces when we “BUST” this out.

Easy-Paper-Egg-Centerpieces-Artzy Creations 8

Here’s to making your table decor simple and easy for the holidays.  Have fun making the Paper Egg Centerpieces and a special thanks to Party Pail for making the decor effortless.

Happy Easter!


This is a sponsored post.  However, all opinions are 100% my own.

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