One Eyed Monster Brownie Bites

One-Eyed-Monster-Brownie-Bites-Artzy Creations 1

If you’re a busy parent like myself with too many irons in the fire to keep track of,  you will love this simple yet fun Halloween treat.  This is perfect for those occasions where you have to put something together at the last minute for your son or daughters classroom or maybe you’re throwing a last minute Halloween party.  These One Eye Monster Brownie Bites are just thing.  The best part is… your kids will flip over them.

All this  recipe requires is a few simple things that you may already have in your house.  The only thing I had to go and get were the monster eyes, but they were pretty easy to find.

wilton eyes

They look like this and I even found them at my local grocery store.  The eyes can also be found at Walmart or Michaels.

So here’s all you need:

  • (1) Box of Brownie Mix
  • (2) Packages of Eyes
  • Small Cupcake Liners

Prepare the brownies in a small muffin tin.  Check them periodically so they don’t over cook.  When you pull the brownies out, let them cool for a few minutes and then insert the eyes on top.

One-Eyed-Monster-Brownie-Bites-Artzy Creations 4

Your kids will squeal over these.  Both my daughters took these in their lunches to school and they make for a fun lunch conversation.

One-Eyed-Monster-Brownie-Bites-Artzy Creations 3

 No sense in driving yourself batty with some of these over the top Halloween treats!  Lol!  I couldn’t resist.  Just keep it simple and easy with these One Eyed Brownie Bites.  Simple, easy, and still super cute.  Plus, your kids will have fun making these with you too.






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