No Heat Curls For Kids

Kids No Heat Curl_Final Image

Do your kiddos want curls in their hair, but you don’t want to use a curling iron because their super fidgety?  Or in my case, you have the foam curlers for the kids but they hate sleeping on them because they hurt their heads.  Here is an easy solution that involves no heat or painful curlers.

Here’s What You Need:

  • Several Tissues 
  • Comb

How to fold the tissue

Step 1: Fold the tissue into a triangle.

How to fold the tissue2

Step 2: Start folding the tissue.

How to fold the tissue3

Step 3: Keep folding all of the way up until you reach the end.

Kids No Heat Curl_Wrapping 1

Step 4: Dry hair until it is just a little damp.  Start in the middle of the section of hair and wrap the hair around the tissue.

Kids No Heat Curl_Wrapping 2

Step 5: Once you get the section of hair wrapped around, roll the hair underneath and up to the base of the head.

Kids No Heat Curl_Wrapping 3

Step 6: Tie in a knot.  Keep sectioning off the hair and wrapping with the tissues until finished.

Kids No Heat Curl_Image 03

 There you have it!  Your kids can sleep on the tissues pain free.  My daughter had these tissue in her hair for about an hour and she didn’t even need to sleep on them.  When she does sleep on them, the curls last all day.   Hope you enjoyed the quick no heat curl solution for kids.  I know we love it in our house hold.


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