Nature Weavings

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Here’s a great summer bordem buster project for your kids to do called Nature Weavings.  This is great because you can also incorporate this with a nature walk in the woods to collect the sticks needed for the frame of the weaving.  The other thing I like about this project too is that you don’t need many materials and these take a couple of house to complete which will keep those kiddos busy.

Here’s What You Need:

  • Sticks (as big around as an adults Index finger)
  • Various colors of yarns
  • Yarn needle
  • Strong string
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue- optional. It is helpful to hold the sticks and string in place while wrapping, but it is not necessary.



Step 1: Collect sticks. Cut or break them all about to the same length (approx. 12”)

Step 2: Tie a loop in the end of your string. Thread the end of your string through the loop. Put both ends of sticks through the sliding loop and cinch it tight. Now you can wrap the string around the sticks, alternating on both sides. Tie the string off and repeat for the two other corners.

Step 3:  Take your triangle shaped frame and tie your string to one of the sides about 1/2 – 1” from the tied end. Tightly stretch the string across to the opposite side of your stick frame. Wrap the string around 3 times, and pull it back to the side you started with. Make your next wrap about 1” from the end wrap 3 times and repeat this process until you form the string loom. Tie the end off.

Step 4: Take a long piece of yarn and thread your yarn needle. Start weaving by going over the first string of your loom and under the next. Continue to alternate over and under until you get to the other side. Pull your string through and temporarily tie the end in place. Continue to weave over and under in the opposite direction. When you want to change yarn colors, just tie the new color to the end of the one you’ve already woven. Keep your knots to the back side and occasionally push your strings towards the bottom to minimize gaps between them.

Step 5: Weave until your entire triangle stick frame is filled and tie the end off.

Weaving_Nature Final 05a

 The color variations are endless.  These nature weavings also look great inside or you can hang them in kids bedrooms or play rooms.

Weaving_Nature Final 06a

Have fun making these!


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