Name Art Project For Kids

Name Art_Final Image

With Spring just around the corner, here’s an idea for a mixed media art project to keep kids busy for a bit on a rainy day. This project gives them the opportunity to explore and mess with different art supplies and what kid doesn’t like to see their name in a piece of art?

Here are the Materials You Will Use:

  • Crayola 96 Count Crayons
  • Crayola 24 Count Sidewalk Chalk
  • Crayola 10 Count Washable Kid’s Paint
  • 11 x 14 Sheet of White Paper
  • Paint Brush
  • Paint Palette (Paper, Plastic or Styrofoam Plate will work too for the paint) 

Name Art_Crayola Materials

Begin by having your child write his or her name in the center of the paper. My Daughter wanted to try to write her name in cursive, and this really set the tone for the rest of the piece.

Name Art 01

Once she wrote her name, I had her offset an outline surrounding her name, creating kind of a bubble. Had her name been written in capital letters, her outline would have been made up of mainly straight lines and her piece would have looked much more geometric. Next, Have your child go back and outline their name in crayon and color in the bubble too.

Name Art 03

Next, using paint, create another series of offsets using different-alternating colors. Leave about 1-2 inches between each offset. They need to leave room so they can fit more offsets in between the ones they are making. Here is Emma’s design after offsetting in paint. We discussed before hand how certain colors set the tone or mood of the artwork and how colors all belong to certain color families, so the colors she chose reflected that discussion.

Name Art 04_Paint Outline

After letting the paint dry thoroughly, have them go back in and create more outlines using crayon. You want them to use crayon BEFORE chalk so they don’t smear the chalk all over. This is a way to get them thinking about the sequence of materials being used in creating mixed media artwork.

Name Art 05_Crayon Outline

Finally, once they have completed their crayon outlines, they can back and fill in the remaining spaces with the chalk.

Name Art 06_Chalk Outline

That’s it! It really may seem like a simple project… and it is, BUT there are quite a few learning techniques included.

  • Your child will enjoy using the different art supplies, especially the paints and chalk.
  • They are practicing locating lines in relation to other lines on their paper space
  • They are practicing how to create a line of consistent similar thicknesses with paint and a brush. This is not always easy for everyone because more or less pressure on the brush changes the line’s width.
  • They are creating an expressive piece of artwork, usually reflecting a lot of their personality.

Name Art 02_Trace Color

Well, I really hope you and your kids enjoy this project as much as my daughter Emma did! Please feel free to leave me any comments or questions about this project and happy creating.


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