Mother’s Day Flower Pot Card

Flower Pot Card_Main ImageAre you looking for a super cute idea for a Mother’s Day card? Here, I am sharing an easy to understand step by step tutorial. PLUS, I am making it even easier on you, by including two printable cutout templates. 🙂 This is a great card project that kids of all ages can make for Mom.

These are the Materials Needed:

Flower Pot Card_Materials

  • A Variety of Construction or Scrapbook Papers
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • String or Yarn (approx. 18″ in length)
  • Templates Part 1 & 2 (can be downloaded and printed)

Begin by cutting out all of your pieces. If you’re using the shapes from the templates I provided, temporarily tape them in place before cutting. Once the pieces are cut, now would be the time to add any extra little details, like writing a note on the pot or centers of the flowers, etc.

Flower Pot Card_Cut PcsNext, take the pieces for your pot and glue along the tabs. Once they are dry, you should be able to squeeze the sides and have the center open like a pocket. Now, slide the rim over the base and glue it in place.Flower Pot Card_Pot AssemblyFor the next step, let’s put together the string of flowers… Place your flower front face down. Tie a little loop at the end of your string. Line up your 18″ string from the center of the top petal and in the center of the “V” between the two bottom petals. Temporarily tape it in place. Then cover the entire backside of the back piece of your flower with glue. Glue it in place, sandwiching the string between the front & back of the flower faces. Space them about 1 1/2 – 2″ apart. You want to space them far enough apart so that they stack on top of each other inside the pot, so don’t put them too close.Flower Pot Card_Flower AttachOnce all of the flowers are attached to your string, you can tape the end  of it to the inside of the pocket. Be sure to tape it deep enough so that  the flowers all fit within the pot / pocket.Flower Pot Card_Taping StringWell, that’s it. Your Mother’s Day card is now complete.

Flower Pot Card_DoneI hope she absolutely loves it.

Flower Pot Card_Final 02


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  1. Rhonda P. says

    I just love this Mother’s Day card! I was wondering if you could possibly email me the templates because when I tried to open part 2, it says page not found.

    Thank you! (

    • melanie says

      Sorry about that Rhonda… I fixed the link so it works now.
      Thank you for your comment and I’m really glad to hear you like the card.

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