Monster Eggs

Monster-Easter-Eggs-Artzy Creations3

I’m always looking for different ways to do or create things and decorating eggs are no exception.  So, I decided why not turn eggs into fun monster eggs.  These turned out so cute and the best part was that the kids LOVED them.  If your looking for a way to change your egg decorating up a bit, this is definitely the way to go and the entire family can make their own monsters.  Let’s get started.

Supplies Needed:

  • Sharpie Marker
  • Googly Eyes
  • Glue or Hot Glue
  • Your Imagination!

Step 1: Dye the eggs like you normally would.  I always prefer Paas Easter Egg Dye because I think the colors turn out the most vibrant.

Step 2:  Glue the eyes onto the eggs.

Step 3:  Design your monster around the googly eyes and have fun with it.

Monster-Easter-Eggs-Artzy Creations1

Monster-Easter-Eggs-Artzy Creations2

These just scream cuteness!  I love all of them.

Monster-Easter-Eggs-Artzy Creations4

O.K.  This little green guy was the biggest hit of them all.  Of course, we called him Mike…  a.k.a Mike Wazowski! 🙂

Monster-Easter-Eggs-Artzy Creations5

 Got any monster lovers in your house?  We sure do!  If you do, this will be a BIG hit!

Have fun making Monster Easter Eggs.


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