Mason Jar Lid Snowmen

Mason-Jar=Lid=Snowmen-Artzy Creations 2

Today I’m sharing with you a great craft that you and your kids can create for the holidays.  Nothing says winter, holidays, and Christmas like snowmen.  I’ve seen snowmen made out of just about anything.   But, I thought… wouldn’t it be fun and easy to make some out of Mason jar lids.

Supplies Needed:

  • Glossy White Spray Paint
  • Mason Jar Lids (Small or Large)
  • Black and Orange Acrylic paint
  • Pom Pom Trim Optional
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue
  • Hot Glue Gun

Step 1:  Spray paint the top of the Mason jar lids with the white spray paint.  Let them dry thoroughly.

Step 2:  Using black acrylic paint, paint the eyes and mouth

Step 3:  Using orange acrylic paint, paint the carrot for the nose.

Mason-Jar=Lid=Snowmen-Artzy Creations 1

Step 4:  Attach pom poms by hot gluing them to the back of the lid.  Work quickly because the hot glue will dry fast once it’s on the lid.

Step 5:  Use ribbon to make a loop.  Hot glue the ends of the ribbon together and attach the loop to the back or the front of the snowman depending on what look you like.

Mason-Jar=Lid=Snowmen-Artzy Creations 3

It’s so simple and easy.  Yet, so much fun for the entire family.  After making these two, I think I will have to make one for each person in the family.

Mason-Jar=Lid=Snowmen-Artzy Creations 4

These are just too cute for words!  Have fun making them.


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