Make Your Own Travel Nail Polish Remover Wipes In Seconds

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Here’s a great tutorial to making your own nail polish remover wipes in a matter of seconds that will save you money and headaches!

I don’t know about you.  But, I always stress out about all of the liquid items blowing up in my suitcase and ruining my clothes.  So, I always hesitate to travel with nail polish remover.  In fact, many times I have not and have ended up regretting it because my nails looked terrible by the end of my trip.  I got this crazy idea to make my own travel nail polish remover wipes and I even put this to the test.

Here’s what you need:


  • Nail Polish Remover ( I used Acetone Free!)
  • Paper Towels/Cotton Pads For Makeup Removal and Nail Polish
  • Scissors
  • Container (Not used for food!)
  • Ziplock Plastic Sandwich Bag

cut pieces

Step 1: Take a paper towel and cut it into small rectangles, or use cotton pads. 

wipes with nail poish

Step 2: Pour the acetone free nail polish remover over the paper towels in the container.

finished wipes

Step 3: Place in a Ziplock bag.

test wipes

There you have it.  It’s that easy!  I tested this before I brought the idea to you.  The wipes that you see here are with a printed paper towel.  That’s why it has the orange color to it.   I left the bag that you see here for over two weeks in my bathroom.  I first wanted to see if the nail polish remover would eat through the bag.  So, remember if your going to do this that I have only tried this with the acetone free nail polish remover.  I did not test it on a nail polish remover that contains acetone.  I’m not sure whether or not  the acetone will eat through the plastic bag.  The other factor I tested was whether or not the nail polish remover would evaporate quickly.  It didn’t!  With my painted nails, I probably used about 5 to 6 rectangles and the nail polish came off.  My last recommendation would be to try Viva paper towels.  I think they are a better quality of paper towel  and would probably allow you to use even less of the wipes.  Remember you can also use the cotton pads too.  Those would work great!

There you have it!  You can now travel worry free with nail polish remover wipes that cost next to nothing to make!

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