Make Rainbow Loom Bracelets Using Two Pencils

Final Image Rainbow Loom

Have you heard of the Rainbow Loom?  If you have kids, it’s a good bet you have. The bracelets are the latest rage with all of the kids these days at school.


Entire Rainbow Loom Kit

Emma, my nine year old, is head over heals for these bracelets.  They are coolest thing since Silly Bands. The thing is, the Rainbow Loom costs between $15-25 depending on where you find it. The loom kit comes with an assorted color starter pack of rubber bands but you will quickly find yourself buying more, and at $4 or so a pack, it all adds up quickly. Well, we figured out a way to create the Fishtail bracelet design by buying just the Rainbow Loom rubber bands and using 2 pencils.


Here’s What You Need:

  • 2 pencils (You could also use knitting needles, but the pencils are much more manageable for younger kids.)
  • Rainbow Loom Bands- (Any craft store or even drug stores sell them.)  You will need about 40-48 for an elementary school kid.  This bracelet took 44.
  • C or S Clamps (These come in the bag with the bands.)

Step 1:

Step 1

Loop the first band over the pencil by twisting it to make a figure eight.  This is the only time you will make a figure eight.

Step 2:

Step 2

Slip the band around the two pencils.  Do not twist.

Step 3:

Step 3

Repeat with a third band.

Step 4:

Step 4Taking the bottom band, loop it up over the pencil. The end of the band be between the two pencils. Repeat by doing this to the other side.  After looping over both sides of the band, slip on a new band.

Step 5:

Step 6

Keep repeating by looping the lowest band over the one you just added.  The bracelet will start to grow in length like this.

Step 6:

Step 7End the bracelet by slipping the bands off of the ends of the pencil.  Connect both ends of the bracelet by sliding each end into an end of the S clamp or the C clamp.

There you have it!  An easy way to make a Rainbow Loom bracelet without the loom and SO kid friendly.  Your kids won’t stop once they get started!


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23 thoughts on “Make Rainbow Loom Bracelets Using Two Pencils

  1. Robin Lipka

    My niece put thm on a pen for comfort and the pen ran out of ink and I couldn’t put it on the new one. How do you make one on tge pen?

  2. Patricia Flores

    I found kits for $5 and mix glow in the dark bag of 500 estimate for $1 at swapmeet and street fair

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    1. Charlie

      Thank you for this my friend is buying me a loom for my birthday and I couldn’t wait that long so now I can do them while I’m wating for my loom kit!

  4. Lexi

    I make these on the pegs of my rainbow loom, but I have friends who don’t have a loom and just bend down the two inner pegs of a fork!

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  6. Kerry

    Thank you! I have been wanting just to make these in my spare time so that I would get the beginning idea of knitting. I think I will get the hang of it thanks to your tutorial on the loops!! :-)

  7. Kathy

    Before my daughter learned to knit (she was having problems with the concept) I had gotten her some of those knitting looms (Boye)…she uses 2 of the pegs and does the same as what you do with the pencils.

  8. Jennifer

    What a great tutorial! Thanks! I knew I could do these w/out the loom and had just yesterday found at Dollar Tree a package of 100 bands 6 clasps and a mini hook!! What a bargain! But the instructions they gave on the package is a very loose weave as you are just doing it by hand. Your method makes a very nice looking bracelet! Thanks again!!

  9. Molly

    Thank you SO much for sharing this! My son just got one for his birthday, and it’s just not clicking to him about how to use the loom. I walked him through the steps you shared here and it’s like a light bulb just came on, lol! Needless to say, he’s been quite entertained, and we all now have bracelets, necklaces, etc!
    I wanted to tell you thanks also for linking up to the lovely ladies link party last week, your awesomeness got you a feature spot this week for sure :) You can find it here if you’d like to check it out
    Thanks again so much!
    -Molly from Just a Little Creativity


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