Lacing Easter Egg Project

Lacing Egg Final Image

This is a great project for young kids.  My three year old, Lily, loved making this egg and truly enjoyed herself.  So, if you are looking for a great Easter activity that doesn’t involve a lot of time or mess.  This is the project for you.

Here’s what you need:

  • One Small Piece of Poster Board or Tag Board (about 12” or so)
  • Different Colored Pieces of Construction Paper Cut into 1/2” Strips
  • Glue Stick
  • Hole Punch
  • Yarn
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

Begin by drawing the egg shape on the poster board lightly.  If you are not comfortable doing this, then enlarge a clip art shape, cut it out, and trace the shape of the egg onto the poster board.  Cut the egg out.  I did this for Lily.  But, if you child is a little bigger they should have no trouble cutting the egg out for him/herself.

lily gluing


lily gluing2


Cut strips of colored construction paper into 1/2” pieces.  Have the child glue the strips of paper onto the egg shape.  I worked with Lily on how to create a pattern and asked her what color would come next.  This is optional or you can have the child randomly put strips all over the egg.

Once they are done gluing the strips down onto the egg, either help the child cut the excess strips off the egg by going around the edges or have them do this on their own.

lacing egg with holes

Punch the holes around the boarder of the egg.  Making sure to try and evenly space them as you go.  Next, take a piece of yarn or ribbon.  Use whatever you have in the house. 🙂

yarn with tape

 Put tape on the end of the yarn and twist it.  This helps the child when lacing because the tape acts like a needle and makes it much easier for your child to grasp and pull it through all of the holes.  Work on creating a pattern again.  I always tell my kids, “Up through the bottom and down through the top.”  We sing it as we go along.

Leave excess yarn in the beginning and tape this down on the backside of the egg cutout.  This will prevent the yarn from slipping through the holes as the child is lacing.  Go all the way around the edge.  Tie the two pieces in a bow, and there you have it!

lily with finished egg

Lily loves her lacing egg and now it has a happy home on our fridge!

lily with finished egg2

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