Knitted Beanie

I’ve decided to pick up my knitting again now that it’s colder here.  I wanted to make my husband a beanie.  He loves hats and wears them all the time.  He’s funny because even in the mornings you will find him with a hat on and his coffee.  It’s like they go hand and hand.

Here’s a pretty simple pattern.  It does require double pointed needles.

CO 80

*K7, P3*   Repeat till hat measures approximately 6″ from the CO edge.

R1-*K2 tog, K5, P3*
R2-*K6, P3*
R3-*K2 tog, K4, P3*
R4-*K5, P3*
R5-*K2 tog, K3, P3*
R6-*K4, P3*
R7-*K2 tog, K2,P3*
R9-*K3, P2 tog, P1*
R10-*K3, P2*
R11-*K2 tog, K1, P2*
R12-*K2, P2*
R13-*k2, P2 tog*
R14-*K2, P1*
R15-*K2 tog, P1*
R16-*K2 tog (every 2 sts, all the way around)*

When the hat starts getting difficult to knit, switch to double pointed needles.

Enjoy!  My husband does!





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