How to Make a Palette Planter-Step #1

I’ve started working on a palette planter for the summer.  Reclaiming palettes seems to be the hottest trend on Pinterest lately and that got me thinking.  So, I grabbed the chance at getting a palette when the opportunity arose.

Here’s my palette.  Not a bad looking one.  Step one for any palette construction or revamping is to decide overall how big you want your finished product to be.  I decided that I wanted my planter to be a little thinner and only have five of the boards.

Taking a circular saw, you will want to cut off the part of the palette that you don’t need.

Now, you will want to reposition the boards on the palette.  I got rid of the bad board that didn’t look really good and used the other five.  I positioned the five boards so they were all evenly spaced out.  With the vertical palette planters, you don’t want the space in between the boards to be excessively big.  The planter is going to be lined with landscaping fabric to prevent the soil from falling out and maintaining the soil within the palette.  If you were to make each of your rows of the palette a separate box, your spaces between the palette boards could be wider.  I chose not to make these separate planter boxes because I didn’t want to run into any major construction problems.  I’m going to treat the outside of the palette a little differently which is going to be pretty time consuming so I wanted to make the actual planter a little simpler.  The outside of the palette planter is going to be a true work of art.  Stay tuned for my next  palette planter post to see how I am going to do it!

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