Grilled Figs With Prosciutto And Rosemary


final image copyWhen I say grilled Figs wrapped with Prosciutto with a Rosemary skewer, I know some of you might be thinking, yuck. I have to admit I I was very reluctant the first time one of our good friends, Mark introduced us to this sweet and savory appetizer.  Growing up in Ohio and in the Midwest, I didn’t get the opportunity to have many figs. It’s not like here in California where they are very abundant and many people even grow figs in their front and back yards.  In fact, our next door neighbor has a fig tree and always shares them with us.  So our friend Mark suggested that we have this at one of our cookouts several years ago.  My husband and I just kinda of looked at each other and said we would try it because we try just about everything. Mark came with all of the fixings for this fabulous appetizer and my husband and I have been hooked ever since.  I can’t imagine what an amazing combination I would have missed if I had never tried these.  It is the best combination of sweet and salty with a subtle hint of the fresh rosemary thrown into all of it. This recipe is very easy and will wow your friends with the presentation. Plus, they will love the explosion of flavor in their mouths in each bite!



  • One Container Of Fresh Figs (I got mine from Trader Joe’s.)
  • One Package of Prosciutto (Also, from Trader Joe’s.)
  • Fresh Rosemary
  • Olive Oil

Wash the figs.  Trim the little stems off.  Pat dry with a towel.  Brush some olive oil onto each fig.  Wrap 1/2 piece of the prosciutto slice around the fig.  Take your Rosemary sprig and peel off the lower needles/leaves so that the  stem is bare. Secure the Prosciutto in place with the sprig of rosemary.  Make sure your grill is hot.  Place on the grill for 7 to 12 minutes.  Grill turning frequently until the prosciutto is crispy and brown like cooked bacon.

figs ready for the grill

Figs wrapped and ready to go on the grill.  We grilled some plain figs for my three year old, Lily.

figs on the grill

grilled figs

Enjoy!  These are such a treat. Just be careful because when they come off the grill they are molten hot filled little balls of sweet, yummy goodness.


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