Gold Agate Cuff Bracelet

Final Agate Cuff2

I love statement pieces.  So, when I found these beautiful agate graduated beads, I new these would be perfect for a fun, modern cuff bracelet.  This bracelet is so easy to make in less than an hour.

Agate Cuff Materials

Here’s What You Need:

  • Brass Cuff Bracelet
  • 20 – 25 Agate Graduated Beads ( I purchased my strand from here and had plenty of left over beads for other projects.  I used size 20- 60 mm beads.)
  • E6000 Adhesive

Agate Cuff Placing Beads 3

Step 1: Sort out your stones.  Center the longest bead in the middle of the cuff.  Apply the E6000 on the bottom of the stone.  Apply to the bracelet and hold it in place for a little bit.  Add a couple of stones at a time and let them dry for a bit.  It’s important not to add too many at once, otherwise they will slide off of the bracelet due to the weight of the stones.

Agate Cuff Placing Beads 2

Here is a picture of the bracelet in the process.  I worked on the rest of the bracelet in steps.  First, I did the right hand side and propped it up to support the beads and keep them from sliding.  Then, I did the left hand side until it was completely dry.

Agate Cuff 05

That’s it. To be honest the hardest part for me was finding the patience to wait for the adhesive to dry 🙂


I hope you liked this idea and tutorial. If you like DIY cuff bracelets here are some other’s you might enjoy…

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