Giant Rustic Star Wreath


I had this idea to make a Giant Star Wreath out of found twigs I had been collecting, but when I came across these at Ikea, I knew they were absolutely perfect for what I wanted to do. You can pick up a bundle for about $15, and take it from me, It’s a much better option than trying to find long, thin, straight twigs or sticks.


To begin making the wreath, sort the sticks into 5 piles. Size each pile so that it fits tightly in your hand when you wrap it around the bundle. I didn’t use all of the twigs, I kept a few on the side for another project. But I think you probably could use the entire bundle.

01 SortingTake the sticks and in your hand, hold them loosely upside down. Tap them until the thin tips are touching the ground to even them out. You do this because you really want  to measure the length of the sticks from the thin end rather than from the thick end, so the sticks don’t all seem that they were trimmed. After they are all stacked, trim them to 48 inches in length. Once they are cut, alternate them so that you have an equal amount of thick ends with thin ends. This way, the bundles will be the same diameter and you won’t tell which end is which.

02 cutting

Temporarily bind each bundle in the middle and lay them in place in the shape of a star.

03 Layout

Take the ends of the twigs and mesh them together. This makes them so they aren’t stacked on top of each other but lie more flush. Next, tie a small loop in one end of a piece of twine that is about 6′ in length. Wrap the twine around the bundle and thread the end through the loop.Slide the twine so that the knot at the end near the loop is hidden in the V between the two bundles. Using the threaded loop allows you to pull it really tightly and it helps pull the end of the bundle together.

04 Binding

Next, wrap the twine around the bundle on the other side. Pull it tight and alternately wrap the twine around both sides until your length of twine runs out. Tie it off and move onto the next end.

04 Binding 2

Once all of the outsides have been done, it’s time to move to where the bundles cross each other. Before tying these together, take your tape and measure to make sure each end is about the same distance from the cross bundle. Once they are all more or less the same go ahead and tie them off using the same threaded loop as above, but this time wrap them making X’s. Tie them off and remove the temporary binding at the center of your bundles. 05 Binding Centers

Your Star wreath will look like below. Now you’re ready to make the hanging loop.

05 Bound

Cut 3 pieces of twine that are 15″ in length. Tie a knot at the starting end, then braid the 3 pieces together and tie a knot at the end when finished. On the back side of your wreath, slide the knotted end down under a tied off end. I found it’s not too difficult if you slide a few of the twigs over, and use a small piece of twig to fish it down. Once it’s threaded through, tie one more knot in the end so that the knot is large enough to not slip back through.

06 Hanger

There you have it. A completed star wreath that is just under 4′ tall. I think I’m going to wrap mine with white outdoor lights and hang it on the fence out on our back patio. It will make a great patio piece that will add some extra mood lighting while we are roasting marshmallows over our back yard campfires.



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    Hi Melanie, I saw this at Someday Crafts. I love anything star shaped, it’s one of my favorite things, and this is just darn awesome! I am so making one of these for our yard. Thanks for sharing and thank you for the awesome tutorial that goes with it too. 🙂

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