Faux Drawer Planters with Chalk Paint

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Faux-Drawer-Planters-with-Chalk-Paint-1 Artzy Creations

I haven’t used chalk paint before, layering multiple colors onto one another. At least not for a major project but I have really been wanting to do so.  I have to say that I was a little hesitant at first.  I mean, I have seen beautiful results with chalk paint on all kinds of projects, so I knew it could be done.  I just hadn’t worked up the courage myself, to do an entire project.  Well, with summer just around the corner, my family has been working on sprucing up our backyard  between planting a garden as well as all types of flowers.  So, with this in mind, I wanted to create some cute planters that would be fun in our backyard, but were definitely different than what you could find at the store.   Well, I figured I’d face my fear of chalk paint head on and after some brainstorming, I came up with these Faux Drawer Planters. I in fact did use Chalk Paint and I’m head over heel for how these turned out.

Faux-Drawer-Planters-with-Chalk-Paint-2Artzy Creations

Supplies Needed:

  • Wooden Box (If you don’t have one, you can find new Balsa wood ones similar to these at your local craft store.)
  • Screw Driver
  • Drill
  • Pencil
  • Drill Bits ( 3/8″  &  11/64″ )
  • Ruler
  • Americana@ DECOR™ Chalky Finish paints in Everlasting, Romance, Escape, and New Life
  • Americana@ DECOR™ Chalky Finish Creme Wax
  • Foam Brush
  • Sand Paper – Med grit
  • (2)  6  x  1-5/8″ Screws for hanging (per each planter box)
  • Drawer Knob
  • Soil
  • Flowers

Faux-Drawer-Planters-with-Chalk-Paint-3Artzy Creations

Step 1:  The boxes I had found had lids attached to them.  I used a screw driver to take the hinges off and removed the lid. I will save them for another project 🙂

Faux-Drawer-Planters-with-Chalk-Paint-3 Artzy Creations

Step 2:  Measure and mark the middle point on the front of the box.  This will be where the drawer pull goes.  Make sure to compare the size of you drawer pull to your drill bit to ensure you have the correct size drill bit. (It just so happened that an 11/64″ bit was just perfect for my drawer pull).  Drill a hole at your center point mark..

Faux-Drawer-Planters-with-Chalk-Paint-4Artzy Creations

Step 3: The back of my box dimensions were 4″ x 12″. I didn’t want my slots to be too close to the ends, so I measured in 3″ from each side and marked it. Then I measured 1″ & 2″ down from the top. This is where I was locating the slot so I can attach them with screws. Next, take your 3/8″ bit and drill on the bottom mark (the one that’s 2″ from the lip).This should be plenty big to fit your mounting screw head through. Next, using the same 3/8″ bit,  flip your box over and drill a few drainage holes in the bottom of your box.

Faux-Drawer-Planters-with-Chalk-Paint-5Artzy Creations

Step 4: Swap out your bit and replace it with your 11/64″ bit. This size bit should be just the right size for your mounting screw… enough room for the screw threads to slide down but not too big where the screw head can slip through. Begin at your top (1″) mark and drill through the back. Drill your next hole below and as close to your last one as possible (use your pencil line as a guide). Repeat drilling several times until you reach your large hole.

Faux-Drawer-Planters-with-Chalk-Paint-6Artzy Creations

Step 5: Once I had them all drilled, I took the bit and used it to eat away at the remaining wood so that it became one continuous slot with the large hole at the bottom. The slots will look a little rough but it’s OK because you won’t see them. But if you’re kind of a perfectionist like me, go back with sandpaper and clean them up a little bit.

Faux-Drawer-Planters-with-Chalk-Paint-7Artzy Creations

Step 6:  Using the white chalk paint and foam brush, apply a coat or two of the Americana@ DECOR™ Chalky Finish paints in Everlasting.  Let this dry thoroughly.

Step 7:  For the Blue Box or the Americana@ DECOR™ Chalky Finish paints in Escape, I applied a couple of coats and let them dry completely.

Faux-Drawer-Planters-with-Chalk-Paint-8Artzy Creations

Step 8:  Taking the sand paper.  Sand various areas to give it the worn rustic look.  You can sand a little or a lot depending on the look you want to achieve. Don’t over sand though.. you want this to look worn and natural. Also just touch the edges to make them look a little more worn.

Faux-Drawer-Planters-with-Chalk-Paint-9Artzy Creations

Step 9:  Add the Americana@ DECOR™ Chalky Finish Creme Wax.  This will coat and protect the paint finish.

Step 10:  Add the drawer pull.

Step 11:  Add soil and flowers… and a little water. 🙂

Faux-Drawer-Planters-with-Chalk-Paint-10Artzy Creations

For the red box, I did things a little bit differently.  I got a little daring.  I covered the box first with the Americana@ DECOR™ Chalky Finish paints in Everlasting.  I let that dry.  Then I painted a coat of the Americana@ DECOR™ Chalky Finish paints in New Life.  Let it dry.  Then I finished with a couple coats of the Americana@ DECOR™ Chalky Finish paints in Romance.  I really loved how this one turned out.  The multiple layers add a lot of dimension and added effects.  It makes the box look a lot more aged too.

Faux-Drawer-Planters-with-Chalk-Paint-11Artzy Creations

I absolutely adore these bright and cheery Americana@ DECOR™ Chalky Finish paint colors, and the colorful drawer pulls really give the planter boxes the extra added touch.

Faux-Drawer-Planters-with-Chalk-Paint-12Artzy Creations

Faux-Drawer-Planters-with-Chalk-Paint-13Artzy Creations

I can’t believe I waited this long to actually try a distressed look using chalk paint.  I am absolutely hooked.

Well, this project could easily be an upcycled project made from an old wooden boxes or  maybe small dresser drawers. Did you know Americana DECOR™  is having a contest? If you’d like to enter your own up-cycled, re-purposed or refurbished project you can have a chance to win some fabulous prizes…


Or for more inspiration, head on over to Deco Art‘s Chalky Finish Website. They share lots of great tips and techniques.


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  1. rosalie says

    Very pretty! How are the boxes holding up now a year later? Does the paint still look nice after being outside and from the dirt & water from the plants? I’d love to make & sell these but want to make sure they will hold up. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. says

    These are beautiful!
    What a great idea and it would be perfect for the “30 Days of Summer” series currently running on VMG206. I’d love for you to consider joining us for the series; it’s a great way to get exposure! You could submit this (guest) post or even write a new one. It’s simple, just write an Introduction, Link back to your own Blog and email me the html with pictures! Please let me know if you’d like to join us; I still have a few days at the end of June open. Contact me at vmg 206 at gmail.
    ~ Megin of VMG206

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