Father’s Day Photo

Father's Day pic2

I had put together this round up of 25 great gifts for kids to make for Father’s Day.  I came across this really cute photo idea from Crafty Texas Girls.  I decided this would be a great gift from the girls to their Daddy for Father’s Day.  So, we came up with our own version.  In our family we always talk about how much we love one another.  We have saying like, ” I love you more than all the stars in the sky and love you more than the moon and stars.”  I decided to use our moon and stars saying and draw it on the concrete with some help from Emma.  Lily decided she was going to draw her own rainbow off to the side. Lol!

I took Crafty Texas Girls idea and used a ladder to get up high and get a picture from that angle.photo before picmonkey

I used picmonkey and added a couple of effects to the final image.  If you haven’t checked picmonkey out, it’s free and it’s awesome.  I paid to have the addtional effects because I like using it so much.  We’re going to print this out and have it framed for Daddy.

Hope you enjoyed the Father’s Day pic!  Now you should try your own version.


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