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Can I just say that I love Frankenstein?  I love almost any craft that has to do with Frankenstein. I even paint my daughters fingernails with  little Frankenstein heads on them.  Well, this year, I wanted to come up with a fun Frankenstein craft that wasn’t a lot of hassle. So, here it is, my Easy Frankenstein Craft that only requires a few supplies.

Materials You Need:

  • 11 Popsicle Sticks
  • Hot Glue
  • Scissors
  • White, Lime Green, and Black Acrylic Paint
  • 2 Paint Brushes (one thick and one thin)
  • Wire and Ribbon (Optional)

Easy Frankenstein Craft 1b


Step 1:  Lay out and align, 9 Popsicle sticks.  Next, lay another Popsicle stick across the others. Line it up with where the bolts in the side of Frankenstein’s head would appear to be. Attach it to the others with hot glue.  Cut another one for the bottom, but make the ends flush with the sides, so it doesn’t stick out. Then go ahead and hot glue it as well.

Easy Frankenstein Craft 2

Step 2:  After the hot glue has dried, paint the front of the Popsicle sticks lime green & let this dry.

Step 3:  Take a pencil and make a zigzag line for the hair of Frankenstein.  Fill this area in with black paint.  Make a wiggly mouth and a scar on the side of the face.  Next, paint white ovals for the eyes and black circles for the center of the eyes.

Step 4:  If you would like to make this so you can hang  (maybe as a door hanger), take black wire and wrap it around a pencil to give it a loopy appearance.  Wrap each end of the wire to the “bolts” that are on the side of Frankenstein’s head.  Cut out various ribbon to decorate.

Easy Frankenstein Craft 4a

Fun, simple, and easy!  Hope you or your kids enjoy it as much as mine did!


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