Easy Faux Enameled Heart Necklace

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This is a wonderful jewelry project for kids to create a lasting memory piece for Mom’s, Aunt’s, Grandma’s, you name it.  This is perfect for the upcoming Mother’s Day too.  All you need is a couple of plain metal charms, nail polish, clear coat nail polish, and you’ll have faux enameled charms that make a perfect gift in minutes.  I loved doing this project with my girls, and they loved making them too. What young girl doesn’t love nail polish and the chance to paint their own charm.

Here’s What You Need:

  • Different Colored Nail Polish
  • Clear Coat
  • Metal Charms (Any shape or size.)
  • Chain (My chain length was 30″.)
  • Clasp
  • (4) Jump Rings
  • Needle Nose Pliers

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Step 1:  Begin by getting all of your different colored nail polishes out and start painting the charms. If you have kids completing these, you’ll want to encourage them to put color in a couple of different places.


Step 2:  After the charm is covered with all the different colors of nail polish, let it dry for a couple of minutes.  You can speed up this process by taking a hair dryer to the charm.  After a minute or two, take the top coat and seal the charm.  Let the charm dry with the clear coat or use the hair dryer once again.


Step 3:  When putting the chain together for the necklace.  You have one of two options.  One, you can join the chain together with just a jump ring because the length of your chain is so long it can slip over your head.  Option two, is to make it like a traditional necklace with a clasp.  I opted for the second option only because I like the more finished necklace look but kept the length long enough where I could slip it over my head.  Begin by opening up the jump rings and hook them onto the end of the chain.  Close the jump rings on the end of the chain, using the needle nose pliers and attaching your clasp if desired.


Step 4:  Find the middle of the chain.  Attach the charm, by looping the jump ring through the chain and the hole in the charm and then closing it with the needle nose pliers.  To attach the other charm, I just slightly staggered the two charms by locating the top one just above the bottom charm and then attached it.  This way the second charm is not entirely covered by the first.

final image 2

There you have it!  It’s that simple and cute.  I now have a piece of jewelry designed by two girls that I will cherish forever.


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