Easy DIY Mummy Wreath

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Here’s a great wreath to make for Halloween that your kids will absolutely LOVE!  The best part about this mummy craft is that is goes together in no time and wait….there’s more.  I totally surprised my daughters because I had them look at the wreath in the dark and to their surprise they saw that the eyes glow in the dark!  They yelled in excitement at how cool it was that the eyes were glowing green.


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Step 1:  Take the fiber fill and cover both sides of the wire frame with it.  Then tie a piece of fishing line to the wire frame and wrap it around the fiber fill to hold it in place.  Completely cover the entire frame and secure the fishing line.

Artzy Creations_Easy Mummy Wreath_Main3

Step 2:  Tear the cheese cloth in half lengthwise.  Wrap it around the wreath.  If you need to attach another piece, make sure to tie them together in the back.  Wrap the wire frame until it’s completely covered.

Step 3:  Peel the backing off of the googley eyes and place them towards the top.  Slightly cover the eyes with the cheese cloth so they look like they are peeking out from behind the mummy craft wrap.

Step 4:  Cut a mouth out of black construction paper or black felt and attach with tape or hot glue.

Artzy Creations_Easy Mummy Wreath_Main4

And your DIY mummy craft wreath is done!  So simple and easy.  Yet, your kids will love it for sure!


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