Easy Bungee Cord Bracelet

I always like to take unexpected materials and see if I can make jewelry out of it.  I found this bungee cord in two great color choices and I just knew I had to give it a go.  The bungee cord is super easy to work with and I really love the ease in which this bungee cord bracelet DIY comes together.

Artzy Creations_Bungee Cord Bracelet Main1

Bungee Cord Bracelet DIY Supplies:

Artzy Creations_Bungee Cord Bracelet Supplies


Step 1:  Take the two different bungee cords and near the end, create a loop.

Step 2:  Your loop should look like the second photo.

Step 3:  Reach down into the center of the loop, grab the other ends and pull them through the loop. When you pull them through, be sure to only pull them far enough to create the next loop. Be sure to pull them snug enough.  Next, reach back through the loop you just created and repeat the steps.

Artzy Creations_Bungee Cord Bracelet_Steps 1

Step 4:  Repeat until you have a knotted bracelet long enough to wrap around your wrist. For me it was about 11-12 times.

Step 5:  Once you have the bracelet the length you want, cut the bungee cord, leaving about 2 inches of extra length. Take the new cut ends and pull them tight through the final loop. Trim both ends. Take the (2) bungee cord ends and glue them into the end caps.

Step 6: Use the jump rings to attach the toggle and ring and now you have a finished cord bracelet DIY.

Artzy Creations_Bungee Cord Bracelet_Steps 2

This turned out great!  I love how this cord bracelet DIY resembles a nautical rope bracelet, but with a modern edge to it.  The other nice part is that this bracelet is chunky.  Who doesn’t love a chunky bracelet?

Artzy Creations_Bungee Cord Bracelet Main2a

I hope you have fun making this super easy cord bracelet DIY and enjoy wearing it!

Artzy Creations_Bungee Cord Bracelet Main3a


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