Easter at the Beach

All of my family came to visit for Spring Break and Easter.  My sister and her family is from Seattle and they have had a ton of rain lately.  She was very excited about all of the nice weather that we were having.  So, all of us packed up the cars and headed to the beach.  It was such a beautiful day.  

Lots of kite flying was taking place.  This was one of the big kites that were being flown.  My niece and nephew received kites for Easter.  We all did some kite flying which was lots of fun.

Here are our kites in the sky.  What a picture perfect day.

Daddy and Lily had fun playing on the beach.  Lots of sand castles were being built.

Seagulls were out and about doing their usual scavenging for any little bit of food.

My niece, Maddy, having fun .

Mikey, my nephew, so excited to be at the beach.

My girls getting their feet wet.

All and all a great day and a wonderful Easter at the beach.

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