Duct Tape Lunch Money Holder

Duct tape has become so popular these days.  I came up with this tutorial for moms out there who don’t want to spend a significant amount of money on a lunch money holder or are tired of using Ziplock bags for your kids to take their lunch money in.  So, this lunch money holder not only has the cool kid factor look, it’s easy to make, and is so flexible it will fit in your kids pant pocket. Also, monetarily won’t brake the bank to make again if it gets lost.

Materials Needed:

1 roll of duct tape (I found mine at Walmart for $3.00.  You can also find it at Michael’s and JoAnn’s. Don’t forget your coupon.)

1 package of snaps with the snap tool

-1 pair of scissors

-1 rotary cutter or paper cutter

-1 cut matt or piece of cardboard if you don’t have a cut matt

Step 1:

Cut three pieces of the duct tape at roughly 11″.  If you go over, that it is fine.  For this part, your measurements do not have to be exact and a little bit bigger is better.  You will be able to trim this all up at the end.  You will be making what is equivalent to a piece of fabric out of your duct tape.  The overall dimensions will be 9″ x 4″.  I went a little larger to square up the piece of duct tape fabric without any problems.

 Step 2:

Lay the first piece down with sticky side up.  Next, you will take the second piece of duct tape sticky side up and slightly overlap the first.  Repeat for the third piece.

Step 3:

Cut/Tear three more pieces at 11″.  You will lay these three pieces on top of the the sticky side up pieces.  Now, you have your swatch of duct tape.  Just like example up above.

Step 4:

Trim your piece on both sides.  You will want the final measurement to be 9″ x 4″.  Make sure to square it up as best as possible.

 Step 5:

Fold your piece of duct tape into a tri fold.  I fold mine so the top fold is not flush with the bottom. I bring the top flap up just a bit.



Reinforce the insides with 2 pieces of duct tape at the top as well as the bottom.  So, you will have used a total of 4 pieces of tape.  This will help the snaps stay in place and helps keep them from pulling through the tape after repeatedly being  opened.

 Step 7:

Place your snap.  I put the bottom of the snap underneath and press through the tape so it leaves a mark.  This helps to locate the snap location on both sides of the lunch money holder.  Take a pair of scissors and use the tip of the scissors to help the prongs through the tape if necessary.

 Step 8:

Use your snap tool and apply the snap parts to both sides of the lunch money holder.


Step 9:

Cut a piece of tape the length of the pocket .  Cut this piece of tape in half.  Fold these pieces of tape onto both sides of the lunch money holder.  This will finish the sides.



 Step 10:

Snap your wallet shut and use pinking sheers to give the top flap a more finished look… if you so desire.

 Watch out!  You might be making these for your kiddo’s entire class.  Make sure you have enough duct tape.

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  1. Peg Halfacre says

    Hi Melanie- I found you through DIY Jewelry. I really enjoy your blog! I no longer have small children, but have grandchildren, so your ideas are very inspiring! Your photos are great. My grandson, Bryce, will not co-operate for Nana to get pictures of him. Everytime I try to “sneak up” on him, he catches me. I have even resorted to taking some shots through a window inside the house to get pics of him. Little stinker. Anyway, I never thought of painting wooden birdhouses with him, so I think we’ll do that. Thanks so much for all the inspiration. Oh, I have a question- I don’t have a snap tool- do you think Velcro could be used in place of a snap on your lunch money holder? Maybe glue on w/ E-6000? I’d like to make one for Bryce. I have been making little card holders (driver’s license, etc.) from scrapbook paper and covering it w/ clear Contact paper, but your idea looks more sturdy. In the meantime, I will get back to that cuff making tutorial….

    Thanks, Peg

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