Duck Tape Heart Coin Purse

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With so many cool and different Duck Tape colors and prints, the creative possibilities are nearly endless. Here’s a pretty easy cute & functional Duck Tape craft that will help keep your kids coins together.

Materials Needed:

  • 1 Roll of Duck Tape (Prints help make these super cute!)
  • 1 Package of snaps with the snap tool
  • A pair of scissors and/or X-acto knife
  • My Heart Coin Purse template 

01 Materials

Begin by laying out 3 overlapping strips of Duck Tape that are approximately 11″ long. Flip them over and place 3 more so that you have a double side sheet.

02 tape layout

Square up one long side of the tape piece and one short edge (the bottom). Next, using the template as your guide, align one side (you can see i aligned the right side/edge) Fold the bottom edge you squared off up to the line labeled “Top of Pocket”.

03 pocket fold

Fold the top over and down. Once you have it folded, use your straight edge to trim the last edge to size.

04 trimming to length

Next, using the template, trim the heart shape. Mark the spot where the snap will go by punching a small hole with a pin or the tip of your X-acto knife.

05 cut out

Reinforce with (2)  more small pieces of tape, the bottom inside face of the pocket and the spot on the upper flap where the snap will go. This is important so the snaps don’t pull through the Duck Tape when unsnapping them. Next, tape along the edges of the pocket.

06 tape edges

Fold the top of the heart along the fold line and tape it in place. Then you can go and tape the outside top edges and into the “V” of the heart.

07 tape top edge

The last step is putting on the snaps. Start with the top snap and fasten it in place.

08 attach snap

The snaps should look like the picture below.  A tip to aligning the bottom snap is actually snapping the hole piece to the stud piece and pushing it down to mark the final location. That way when the top is snapped down it all aligns up.

09 snaps

Once the snaps are in place you’re done!

Final Post Image


These are super cute for Valentine’s Day  but they really are cute for anytime of year…Just ask my daughters!


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