DIY No-Sew Placemats

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DIY No Sew Placemats

As we all know Duck Brand’s Shelf Liner is great for lining shelves and for adding that extra finished touch to your cabinets. But, did you also know that you could use Duck® Brand’s Shelf Liner to make DIY No-Sew Placemats too?  They come in several different colors and great patterns.  I picked out this nice red floral pattern and decided these would make the perfect placemats for our patio table.

Artzy Creations No Sew Placemats_Duck Brand Product

Here’s What You Need to make 6 Placemats:

  • (2) Rolls of Duck® Brand’s Easy Liner Smooth Top Shelf Liner ( Red Floral Pattern)
  • 1/8″ Micro Hole Punch
  • 18″ Ruler
  • Red Raffia (for trimming the edges)


Artzy Creations No Sew Placemats_Steps

Step 1:  Cut the 12” wide Duck® Brand Shelf liner to 16” in length.  This will result in a 12”X16” standard sized placemat.  You will need to cut 8 of these so you can double the shelf liner up and get 6 completed double sided placemats.

Step 2: On the backside of one of your placemats, along your short edges, measure in 3/8 of an inch and draw a line in pencil. This acts as a guide for punching your holes. Next, using a ruler, and your 1/8″ hole punch, punch holes at every inch mark. Once you’ve done both sides, take the other side of your placemat and face the blank sides towards one another. Line up your edges and punch the second side of your place mat using the hole you already punched on the first side as your guide. By doing it this way, you’re sure that your holes line up.

Step 3:  Cut your raffia to between 6 & 7″. Don’t worry if they aren’t all the same length, you can go back and trim them once you’re finished.

Artzy Creations No Sew Placemats_Steps

Step 4:  Take 3-4 pieces of your cut raffia and fold them in half. Take the folded end and from the top side of your placemat, push it through your punched hole.

Step 5: Open up the folded end of your raffia creating a loop.

Step 6: Take your cut ends of raffia and insert them through the loop, and pull them to tighten. This takes a little bit of practice but you will get the hang of it pretty quickly.  Repeat steps 4-6 for all of the holes you punched. Here’s a tip… after tying your first one off, skip 2-3 holes and do your next one. this really seemed to help hold the 2 pieces of shelf liner in place while working on the rest. Then go back and fill in the remaining open holes you punched.

That’s it! Both of your short edges should be trimmed with the raffia and now you can go back and clean them up with scissors if you have any really long extras.

Artzy Creations No Sew Placemats_Finished 03

I think these placemats turned out SUPER cute! I can’t wait  for our next  summer outdoor BBQ to use these. And since Duck® Brand’s Smooth Top Easy Liner comes in more than a dozen different colors or prints, your’e sure to find one that’s just right for making some very cute and affordable, decorative placemats of your own. What’s your favorite color or print?

Artzy Creations No Sew Placemats_Main2


Artzy Creations No Sew Placemats_Main1

Hey, did you know that one lucky reader can win a “Duck® Brand Product Bag”? To enter just leave a comment on my site telling me what project you’d use Duck® Brand Shelf Liner for! That seems pretty easy to me 🙂

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  1. Annel Smith says

    I can’t wait to do this! I was using dish towels under my microwave and coffee pot and also on the three little shelves for decorative purposes, however they slide around a lot especially the microwave and then it drives me nuts to keep them lined up this will resolve that problem and they are a lot prettier and also easier to keep clean !! Also great way to add that punch of color!

  2. Mabel says

    I need to line my shelves in my new home. I would love the color that you used for the placemats. Very cute!

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