DIY Kids Pool Bag

pool bag featureThis idea all came about because my kids love the pool and my little one keeps asking me when the swim park is going to open.  I thought it would be a cute idea if the girls had their own bags.  So, here’s a really easy tutorial to make a kids bag for the pool.  It’s never too soon to get ready for the pool and to look forward to summer weather.

I took a trip to TJ Maxx and found a beach towel for $12.00.  I wanted one that wasn’t a really light color because my girls are so hard on things and I found this really cute polka dot beach towel that was just right for the project.


Here’s what you need for the pool bag:

  • Large Beach Towel
  • Scissors
  • Matching Thread


Start by measuring the towel at at 14 1/2″ x 14 1/2″ and cut two pieces for each of the sides of the bag.  I located the finished edges of the towel so they formed the top lip of the bag.  That way the edges were already nicely finished and it was one less step for me. Here’s another time saving hint…  If you carefully select a towel with a pattern that follows the direction of the finished edge, you can cut (1) piece that measures 14 1/2″ x 28 1/2″. Then fold it in half. Sew the bottom and one side. This leaves only one seam on the side or none on the bottom. I would have liked to have done this but I wanted just the large polka dots and not the red stripe for this bag, so I had to cut the towel into two pieces.

example of finished edges

Put the right sides together and sew along the 3 edges with a 1/4′ seam allowance.

For the handles, cut two strips at 4″ x 24″ and taper them at the end.cut straps

Run a zigzag stitch along the edge of the straps or serge the edges.

Fold in roughly 1/4″ along the edges to hem and do this for both straps, then hem the edges. pinned edges

Next, attach the strap to the side of the bag.  Fold the edge under twice.  Sew this onto the bag.

pin strap on

sewn strap

There you have it!  It’s so simple and easy.  Plus, you get a couple of bags out of one towel.

Here’s Emma with her pool bag all ready to go!emma with bag

She loved it!  Yeah!

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